whats your favorite plastic yoyo?

whats your favorite plastic throw? post pics if youve got em (metal rimmed doesnt count)

my favorite plastic is my pad recessed (by me) fhz

My favorite right now is my FH2. I don’t have any pics handy. I’ll try to get some up.

Quick question:
How’d you pad recess it?

heres my post about it http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,6698.0.html


Freehand 2 all the way!

I like FHZ, Legacy and Grind machines. (The First Runs)


speed maker counts as a plastic, right? oh and my speed maker is painted like a chain chomp. ARF ARF

Counter Attack, PGM v2, Die-Nasty, Legacy. All awesome yo-yo’s. About the only plastics Iv’e tried lol.


KickSide FTW!!

I modded a yellow projam and its a friggan beast! Highwalled, pad response and a kk. Its one of the few yoyo’s I have a kk in.

The first two yoyos I got were the pgm2 and the legacy, which turned out to be good choices. I have a counter attack on the way, and with that weight (69 grams) I bet it’ll be awesome. I really really want a protostar when they come out, too.

PGMv2 ;D

Still liking my Lyn ;D