What's Your Favorite Plastic Yo-Yo?

Mine would have to be a Kickside. I love the weight distribution and grindability.

my pad recessed fhz


Legacy/Speedmaker, but I have a recessed FHZ coming soon.

Favorite yoyo that also happens to be plastic: Spinfaktor HG.

K-os ftw

Legacy, and Spinfaktor HG I dont have either but i have tried them both.

K-os Extreme. And Spinfaktor HG and Legacy are right behind it.

Sunset NXG in white

Pgm ver. 2

Legacy and/or Counter Attack


Cream or Bolt.

I’d love to try a Gung though.

Cream, TL.

but like paolo said, id love to try a gung.

lyn fury and kickside.

Meteor Lyn Fury.