fav. plastic yoyo

Whats your favorite plastic yoyo mine is a yyf GM

Legacy or Cream.

Ouch! Somebody just Kicked me! In the Side!

I like my speedmaker alot. Its just really easy to land string tricks with it.


I really like the Dark Magic or Legacy.

My beautiful Pink Legacy!

pgm and cream. :slight_smile:

Legacy FTW

Milk all the way


Duncan Imperial, it started it all :smiley:

i think the original milk is the ‘best’ plastic yo-yo…
i generally like to play freehand zeros the most…
and i would recommend the velocity ahead of any other.

so i guess i’m not exactly sure.

Die-Nasty or Legacy



Or velocity…

Velocity is my fav plastic yoyo. Aside from Duncan Imperial, that was my first yoyo and will always be my fav.

Speedmaker and Gung-fu

Id say I like the PGM and the Legacy a lot. but i got to owe it to the Duncan basics(imperial and butterfly) because they are some of the best to get you started. Later.

Keep it spinning™