Whats your Favorite medal throw under $60?


Was wondering everybodys favorite metal throw under $60

(SR) #2


(sushi) #3

dingo od


YYF Catalysts (oh yeah “Catalysts” and production runs.)
YYF Superstars (oh yeah “Superstars”)


Hmm, not much I have in metal in that price range.

I paid $60 for my Freq. Wave at Nationals. I’m going wit that answer. It qualifies I think.

If not, I’m gonna be kinda screwed answering that question. Maybe the YoYofficer Aura, maybe the DiBase.


i don’t get it.


YYF JK for sure, best 21 dollars ever spent.


Superstars are $99 production runs i got mine for $20
Catalyst are $85 and i got mine for $20 also.
Get it now!


I think it’s just over $60, but for me it has to be the yoyofactory protege. I’m not the biggest yoyofactory fan, but this yoyo has to be the best undersized, budget metal yoyo I have ever used.


Would a first blood brother count? its 64$



;D ;D

It’s a “medal” yo-yo for sure.




Favorite METAL under $60:
A previously owned Dif-e-yo GTO, - $50… :wink:


That’s been pestering me all day, I just didn’t want to be the one to point it out.
You should get a metal medal for stepping up to the plate.


Yyf boss


G funk and yukksta!


Convict pro


My bad… Dv888


Talking “new” YYF Lunatic.

Used SPYY Punchline Repeater.