What's your favorite looking yoyo?

There’s probably already a thread for this but…

What’s your favorite looking yoyo? Doesn’t matter if it plays like crap, I’m just asking what that throw is that you’ve looked at and just been like, “That looks freakin amazing!!!”.

Mine has to be this one:

Or maybe the new Addiction

Can’t make up my mind between those two. Anyways, Post! Pictures are very welcome.

sweet i like the dv888 i dont have a pic though i want the phenomizm and the mighty flea


Purple severe :o no I’m not gay


The Green Splash Addiction, but unfortunately they ran out in a heart beat. So ill settle for the Black with Red if its not sold out. :smiley:

Gotta be this one.


idk why but i love the aqua g5

Mmmmm burger!

This Simple But Awesome

XD That’s hilarious

I was going to say phenomizm, but now I’d have to say that burger yoyo is the best looking.

wooo thtss weird this candy store down the street from me sells old style candy and pop and they sell hat yoyo for 2.50

No matter how, even though the burger yoyo looks good, my favorite is still an auldey virus, i love the shape and the laser engrave.
Ronin has great laser engrave also, but i don’t really like the shape.

Got to love all the colors they put on this one.
And that burger is such a beast!

o.O You just Saw… A SASQUATCH!!

I love the colorway on my Sasquatch. This combined w/ the superb beadblast makes for interesting light reflections that appease to the eye :slight_smile:

I absolutely love the Purple w/ gold splash John Ando Superstar. Too bad I don’t have one. :’( Oh Well lol.

Burger yoyo FTW!

noctu. enough said.


If I had a couple of these… I could make a bicycle.

I have one, but it’s crap:

Pocket Pros Stinger


I love scorpions, and I love purple.