What's your favorite combo?

As the title says what’s your favorite combo?

I’ll start.
Starts with double laceration, then skin the gerbil, then suicide, then to wrist mount, then green triangle and then bind.

i can’t explain my fav combo. WAYYYY to complicated.

soilid panties to plan d

Delicious delicious nutella to chopsticks gt to ft suicide to ladder mount to red triangle to red triangle suicide to trapeze to my sig trick “grind n bind”


Any repeaters tricks will do :slight_smile:


I don’t have a favorite combo mainly because I don’t usually do the same thing more than 3-4 times:P I always try learning new things.

Ladder escape, Eli hops, hook to ninja vanish and sky bind out

Just one I love to do when I’m warming up

I did that the other day by accident. Pretty fun.