What's your go to trick

Hey everyone just wondering, what is it that you guys usually throw when you pick up a yoyo or yoyo for someone. Do you have a go to trick or a combo, maybe a favorite thats just more fun to do than the rest. Thought it would fun to see some of the responses :slight_smile: Mine’s a wristmount into a gt suicide.
May the yo be with you!

Usually start with a few simple frontstyle things. Boingy-boing… Mach 5… Pop’n’Fresh, throw in a Zipper…

Then throw a breakaway and do a Kwyjibo or Matrix or both.

Then whatever seems to make sense. Gondola gets non-yoyoers’ eyes to pop out. :wink:

None of the above is a strict formula, just what I tend to do.

Right now, I throw Cold Fusion into a Skin the Gerbil. Looks really smooth and the back and forth movement tends to impress. Then a few of the “advanced basics” like mach 5 to pop n fresh and some kwyjibo. Another fun one for folks is a triple or nothing, roll out to buddha’s revenge, back and forth to double or nothing, then skin the chuck testa. Once the ending is more consistent, I’ll be adding Kamikaze to the list of go to tricks. Right now, I also tend to warm up with this stuff and then start working on whatever new elements or tricks.

Grinds! They’re always crowd pleasers! Especially grind transfers.

I’ll sometimes do a NTH grind and transfer to TH… then drop it into a trapeze… Then trapeze and bro slack, pop and catch in trapeze… Then thumb grind and bind.

All simple elements and always a hit with spectators.

I just do random things off of double or nothing

For me it’s usually grinds, slack tricks and or revolutions gets people attention

As of now Janos karancz’s green triangle rejection trick to bloops to areoslackyl than bind.

It is always whatever my latest combo is.

Matrix into skin the gerbil into a wrist mount into funky unicorn into a GT suicide into Like a Boss.


Asked the same thing on the yoyoing subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/Throwers/comments/1qnsbj/youre_a_yoyoer_cool_show_me_a_trick_what/

I usually go into stuff on the 1 1/2 mount like buddhas revenge into the last part of cold fusion

FINGER SPINS! Also lots of grind transfers and my braintwister combo.

When i’m casually yoyoing generally i just try experimental stuff and don’t even pay attention to what i’m doing. Occasionally i do a move and then i think… “Wait, how did i do that?” Then i try to remember but i can’t. Then that same trick happens while i’m in that frame of mind again, and i still don’t realize how i did it. This happens because I’m not sure which mount i use to get in that mount. Eventually i see it happen.

Probably switchblade then go to double or nothing and perform a Boy Scout slack and maybe some candy slack

Slack tricks