Your "Default" Trick?


Going through the 365 archives, and came across this one:

The topic is more important than the trick. Steve feels we all have a “default” trick that we throw whenever we pick up a yoyo. For the sake of the intention here, let’s not bother being picky about whether it’s truly the FIRST trick you throw when you pick up a yoyo, or even that you throw it every single darned time you pick up a yoyo…

But what trick do you tend to throw almost subconsciously most of the times that you pick up a yoyo?

I think for me it’s Zipper. Lately I’m also always throwing Spirit Bomb almost as soon as I pick up a yoyo, but it’s a “I’ve newly mastered this trick” thing… maybe the next cool string trick will replace it.

But Zipper endures. :wink:


I highly agree with the “Newly Mastered Trick” thing. Always throwing the newly mastered trick along with whatever else is sticking at the time.


Ah yes,

I have this move I like to do, as I started yoyoing again recently, ‘new’ moves started popping up that I used to make when I was 14. One of them I have been doing incessantly.

The move can be seen in my Boston Yoyo video. (0:10),(0:24)

when in trapeze, you do a backwards somersault into a lindy loop, undo lindy loop and use that momentum to do a somersault in the opposite direction, let the string wrap around your free hand (hard to explain) and then release your freehand string as the yoyo… really it’s easier understood from my video, and I prollyy do the trick like 3 times in that video. It really is a favorite of mine, and I held it close at the time since it surfaced from my memories of old.

here’s the video for reference:

And when you finish the trick, you end up in trapeze & his brother and are free to do whatever you want.


Yup, for me its skin the gerbil and rewind, those are the 2 I always do, a lot of times I even forget my other tricks for some reason so a I just do those until I remember xD


I usually go kwyjibo into skin the gerbil into a brother mount and bind.



I always do kwijibo into gramma kimmet sandwich. I don’t know why, but I could do that all day :slight_smile:

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Kwijybo matrix and wrist mount green triangles for some reason.


Brother Slack to Wrist mount variations.


I’ve been doing a double or nothing into chopsticks as a repeater. I’ve been calling it “Chop Flop” because of the dismount from chopsticks over the thumb. Fun, basic, gives a good feel for the weight (disputably the feel, not really weight) and speed of a throw.

And on the “Just got it down” list I’ve been doing Wrister and some Black Hops here and there.


Nice. I don’t know enough about chopsticks to visualize that, but anything that serves as a litmus test for yoyos is a good thing. :smiley:

Mainly commenting because of the name: I stole a trick from in the “gyroscopic flop” tutorial called a Chop Flop… plastic whip (the chop), then hook front two strings with NTH thumb and push forward, while grabbing single string with TH and pulling back to start a gyro flop (the flop). Chop Flop! It’s the gyro I always throw while breaking in bearings (because dropping the loop causes a bind. :D).


Haha, i like zipper. But my defult has to be man on the flying trapeze and his brother slack. Half the time i pick up a yoyo for fun (not showing off a trick or anything) i get into a double or nothing, dismout (or make the yoyo pop up and land it on a trapeze like that) and do a bro slack. I find it Incredibly fun for some reason! LOL!


Hmm, can’t say I’ve heard of…  I’ll have to check that out!  I’ll have to find something else to call it…

As for visual, it’s relatively simple:

Thumb Mount (or Chopsticks) and then use the momentum from the dismount to pull into a Double or Nothing.  You can see the entire thumb mount dismount in the first 10 seconds of the video posted.

From the Double or Nothing, you can dismount to a Trapeze and pop straight back into a Thumb Mount.

Sorry if my description is hazy, but that’s all there is to it.  ;D


Ethier ladder escape or plan d


For me is skin the gerbil and brent stole.

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Ehh, I usually just do my most recent combo I am working on, but there was a time when I had this one flawless combo that’d id do as my default trick.

My default trick generally changes about very week though (I usually make a twick every week)


I always do this. Always.

You throw a trapeze and dismount, swinging into a brother. Pinch the loop with your throw hand and swing the yoyo counter clockwise, giving a yuuki slack effect. Catch the slack with your whole non-throw hand, and you are back in a brother. Perform a ninja vanish right out of that brother, into a GT. then I like to play the GT a bit with suicides and stuff before dismounting.


I always do a wrist mount followed up by a green triangle. Mostly it’s the two tricks I know best… Did I say best? It’s the two tricks I know.


Haha! But you’re really good at those two. :wink:


Now its gotta be cold fusion. (Sorry i know this is old but i really liked reading this thread when it was happening)


LOL, I seriously considered making this same thread a day or two ago.

Anyway, for some reason I ALWAYS find myself doing Brother Slack, usually to Houdini Mount after I do it. Then I do one of the many tricks I know from the Houdini Mount (such a versatile mount).