What's your fav ... yoyo?

Whats your fav …

Mini yoyo?
Undersized yoyo?
Midsized yoyo?
Fullsized yoyo?
Oversized yoyo?
Overall yoyo?

For me…

Mini-OD Dingo
Undersized-MadHouse Rad
Midsized-OD Cascade
Fullsized-GenYo KLR
Oversized-never tried any :stuck_out_tongue:
Overall-OD Cascade w/ ULs

Size categories are kind of vague but I’ll give it a crack.

Mini: YYF Popstar
Under-sized: YYF Ricochet
Mid-sized: sOMEThING Anglam
Full-sized: YYR Draupnir
Over-sized: YYR Dreadnough

Overall: YYR Draupnir

Mini yoyo? eli dert
Undersized yoyo? 07 888
Midsized yoyo?Cascade
Fullsized yoyo? Checkmate
Oversized yoyo? Overdrive
Overall yoyo? Pyro 3

Mini Yoyo: YYR 6 (Probably one of the best Jo-jos I’ve ever thrown)

Undersized: No Clue…

Mid Sized: Cascade

Full Sized: Genesis

Oversized: Cliff

Overall: Between Cliff and Cascade

Mini - YYF Mighty Flea

Undersized - YYR e=mc2

Midsized - YYR Attune

Fullsized - YYR Draupnir

Oversized - YYR Dreadnought

Overall - YYR Draupnir

Mini yoyo, Token. Because its the only mini I have tried. Maybe popstar when I get it.

Undersized is a Project OG if that’s considered undersized, or the Yuuksta.

Mid sized. Dietz

Full sized Summit

Oversized: Well if a chief counts Cheif, or yeti.

Maybe not oversized but who knows?

And overall is

One Drop OG Project.

Mini YYF popstar
Undersized YYF 888
Midsized OD Cascade
Regular OD and CLYW Summit
oversized never tried any
Overall OD and CLYW Summit

Mini: YYR Clash Cube
Undersized: sOMETHING Angle/ SPYY Supra
Midsized: CLYW AC/Puffin
Full Sized: OD Code2
Oversized: Duncan Magnetude
Overall: AC/ Code 2

Mini: Don’t have one, but if I had to pick, I’d say YYF Popstar.
Undersized: STYY Remnant 2.
Midsized: X3 Aware.
Full sized: C3 Capless.
Oversized: CLYW Cliff?
Overall: X3 Aware op.

I don’t have that many yoyos but right now my favorite is either my Velocity or my Surge.

That won’t last long, my Shutter is coming today.

3 fav yoyos:

And one fav undersize: X3 Resonnance