What's your fav ... yoyo?


Whats your fav …

Mini yoyo?
Undersized yoyo?
Midsized yoyo?
Fullsized yoyo?
Oversized yoyo?
Overall yoyo?

For me…

Mini-OD Dingo
Undersized-MadHouse Rad
Midsized-OD Cascade
Fullsized-GenYo KLR
Oversized-never tried any :stuck_out_tongue:
Overall-OD Cascade w/ ULs


Size categories are kind of vague but I’ll give it a crack.

Mini: YYF Popstar
Under-sized: YYF Ricochet
Mid-sized: sOMEThING Anglam
Full-sized: YYR Draupnir
Over-sized: YYR Dreadnough

Overall: YYR Draupnir


Mini yoyo? eli dert
Undersized yoyo? 07 888
Midsized yoyo?Cascade
Fullsized yoyo? Checkmate
Oversized yoyo? Overdrive
Overall yoyo? Pyro 3


Mini Yoyo: YYR 6 (Probably one of the best Jo-jos I’ve ever thrown)

Undersized: No Clue…

Mid Sized: Cascade

Full Sized: Genesis

Oversized: Cliff

Overall: Between Cliff and Cascade


Mini - YYF Mighty Flea

Undersized - YYR e=mc2

Midsized - YYR Attune

Fullsized - YYR Draupnir

Oversized - YYR Dreadnought

Overall - YYR Draupnir


Mini yoyo, Token. Because its the only mini I have tried. Maybe popstar when I get it.

Undersized is a Project OG if that’s considered undersized, or the Yuuksta.

Mid sized. Dietz

Full sized Summit

Oversized: Well if a chief counts Cheif, or yeti.

Maybe not oversized but who knows?

And overall is

One Drop OG Project.

(Erik Kerber ) #7

Mini YYF popstar
Undersized YYF 888
Midsized OD Cascade
Regular OD and CLYW Summit
oversized never tried any
Overall OD and CLYW Summit


Mini: YYR Clash Cube
Undersized: sOMETHING Angle/ SPYY Supra
Midsized: CLYW AC/Puffin
Full Sized: OD Code2
Oversized: Duncan Magnetude
Overall: AC/ Code 2


Mini: Don’t have one, but if I had to pick, I’d say YYF Popstar.
Undersized: STYY Remnant 2.
Midsized: X3 Aware.
Full sized: C3 Capless.
Oversized: CLYW Cliff?
Overall: X3 Aware op.


I don’t have that many yoyos but right now my favorite is either my Velocity or my Surge.

That won’t last long, my Shutter is coming today.


3 fav yoyos:

And one fav undersize: X3 Resonnance