Little More Help? :D


So what’s the difference between undersized and a normal sized throw? Most yoyos I tend to look at are undersized, which really doesn’t mean too much to me.

Also, would people recommend flowable silicone over response pads of any sort?

Thanks in advance :smiley:


Response is mostly preference. Undersized is less than 54 mm in diameter.

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I consider undersized 52 mm and under.


Undersized is around 50 mm, Mid-Sized is 52 mm, and Full-sized is 54 mm+ IMO.


The definitions of size categories will differ slightly from person to person. As far as I’m concerned:

less than 44mm = micro
44-48mm = mini
48-52mm = undersized
52-55mm = mid-sized
55-60mm = oversized
more than 60mm = super sized

Don’t get too caught up in the size descriptions. Just look at the actual numbers and shape and see if you think you’d like it based on that.



I agree. I have preferences. Preferences in shape, diameter, width and weight. At the same time, I gladly shop and play outside those parameters. I won’t let my preferences get in the way of getting a great yoyo. Plus, it is fun to step out and try something different. But, that’s just me.


Thanks everyone :smiley: Just what I was looking for. Turns out I’ve been throwing an undersized yoyo (888x), so the ones I’m looking at would not be significantly different.