Size of yoyos


What do I consider Full, medium and undersized yoyos?


I used to throw nothing but undersized.

Now I love bigger yoyos.

I love the werrd hour so much


What yoyos do u throw.
I have a comparison scale.
Undersize - 888 m1
Medium - recrev I or osilotrix
Full size - Catalyst Rockstar Berserker

(SR) #4

This has been discussed before but this is generally accepted as the correct classification

0-49mm = Mini
50-51mm = Undersized
52-53mm = Midsized
54-56mm = Full Sized
57mm+ = Oversized


0-43mm= Mini
40-47= Pocket Sized
48-52mm= Undersized
53-55mm= Midsized
56-57.5mm= Fullsized
58+= Oversized


It’s all relative to the player

50-53: undersized
53-54: midsized
54-57: fullsized
58+: oversized

You’ll notice I repeated some, this is because there is often disagreement about classification with these.


my definition:
undersized < 54mm <= oversized
simple as that.
Unless you want me to include things like mini pocket throws (token, or even more extreme, mighty flea) and more offstring sized stuff. If it’s significantly higher or lower than 54mm, it fits into one of those categories.


This may be true, but there are some smaller throws that play like larger throws, and larger throws that play more undersized. That’s why “mid-size” is an important category.

Case(s) in point: OD cascade plays undersized, a la an 888 kinda. 53mm Diameter, feels small and wide in the hand.

VsNYYC Skywalker: Just under 53mm but plays more midsized. I won’t say it plays full sized, but it definitely doesn’t play like an undersized throw. It fills up the hand when you hold it.

General yo 5star v2- 52mm, yet definitely plays mid/full sized. Fills up the hand more than you’d expect.

401SD- Fullsized smallbearing throw. Definitely feels smaller in the hand than other throws with similar specs.