diameter Question

What are the diameters that constitute a full sized, oversized, undersized, ext… yoyo?

Oversized: 56+
Fullsized: 54-56
Midsized: 52-54
Undersized: 52-


Do not let anyone tell you different from this… THIS is the correct classification. End of story.

Thank you.

What about yoyos that hit 52, 54, and 56 on the nose? Choose whichever description you prefer? :wink:

Well I guess more technically:

Oversized: 57+
Full Sized: 54-56
Mid Sized: 52-53
Undersized: 50-51


Or is it:

Oversized: 57+
Full sized: 54-56.x
Mid sized: 52-53.x
Undersized: 50-51.x
Mini: 49.x-

Just being silly. My Punchline would’ve been midsized by either reckoning, which is the throw that inspired my question in the first place (I thought of it as being on the nose until I looked up the actual measurement).

I think we’re over complicating this…
In my eyes, if something’s 54mm or over, I call it oversized.
If something’s less than that, I call it undersized.

Too late. I’ve already been told not to believe you, and when it comes to opinions, the first one is the most important!! Don’t you know internets?

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Edit: I retract this post. :stuck_out_tongue: