Whats your EDC set up?


I was reading through the “Tips” thread and saw some good talk about carrying spare string and parts on you at all times. It got me wondering what every ones EDC (Everyday carry) set up was. Im sure the question has been posed before but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

So what do you carry and more importantly HOW do you carry it.

Two of my favorites.

EDC1 by ZappyRadio, on Flickr

DV888. YYF multi-tool, and a double compartment plastic case with an extra sting and a bearing.

EDC2 by ZappyRadio, on Flickr

YYF multi-tool, YYF ONE with an extra string under the end cap. Probably not the best way to store a string, but I haven’t noticed any effects on the play.

(Jei Cheetah) #2

a yoyo

(Edmeister) #3

Genesis + New String.


foxland precision thunder wasp, some pads, and string! ;D ;


and a glove

srsly, though, Split D and a glove, at the moment

(DOGS) #6

That string under the cap is totally awesome. If only for how cool it looks.


yoyo and an extra string


You should see it Spin! Lol.


One metal(changes everyday), a protostar or beater, atleast 5 strings, and a paperclip.

(Big Mike) #10

Lyn Fury. Extra string. Old school.


just my yyf whip and some string


I usually have string in my jacket pocket. As for the yoyo, well, it changes daily. It just depends on whatever I grab on the way out. Could be anything I got


Usually a beater metal plus my yyj go big … Usually keep extra string


Ive yet to throw in public, put when i go over my dads. or go somewhere that i think ill use my yoyo ill bring my DM2 and some extra string. I need to get a little holder for all that stuff like the OP has



Meh popstar and Dv888, a lot of spare string, and a thick pair of pliers…dont ask, you should already know…I carry my stuff in my canvas back pack (Yes, i drew on it).


I should take a photo of this.

YYE Medium Bag. Hanging from 1 zipper is a Duncan keychain Imperial. Inside the big pocket is 100% poly string(plenty of it) and thin lube. Hanging from the zipper for that pouch is the YYF Multi-Tool(black).

DM2, Phenom, Code 1 and I rotate between the Avalance and gnarwal for the 4th position.

The DM2 always goes with me, the others can sometimes swap out.

I have one of my Studio42 dog tags on there as well as a Disney Sorcerer Mickey dangle on the top strap attachment thing, There is a LED NITE-IZE on the last zipper pull. I also have custom Studio42 buttons and pins on the straps and on the bag itself. I have locking pin backs on the pins. I’m marking my property. I also usually have 3-5 Studio42 promotional pens in the large area as well. Handy for taking notes or giving away if I end up talking “shop” with someone.


all that I can carry

right now I got a 1A setup if I have to walk, and as 5A it depends, 09 severe with bouncy ball for single dice and my 54 in double dice setup. And then I stick my bag with random throws “just in case”

I also try to have a cheap plastic in case anyone wants to try, lately I’ve also be carrying throws that I want to sell


I get that. I was having to deal with stuff tied to a family tragedy a bit ago, and I found myself stuffing 4 more yoyos in my YYE bag(bringing it to 8) and then 2 in my pants pockets and 2 in my jacket pockets. I knew I had long days ahead and didn’t want to get bored. With little surprise to me though, I kept going back to the same ones over and over again. Thank goodness for string, the YYF multi-tool and lube. Oh my kids who throw each brought their 2 yoyos as well.


Studio42: Id love to see pics of that set up. sounds sweet.

hadoq: Yeah I keep my kickside responsive so people can use it. As for throws you are trying to sell, are you talking like old ones you dont want anymore? Or just ones for have to sell to people?


Usually my sasquatch or code 1. and i always have a couple strings and a spare set of side effects in my wallet. If im feelin saucy, ill take my YYE medium bag with four or five throws and other goodies :slight_smile: