What's your "almost" perfect yo yo?


What would be a perfect yo yo, to you, if you could change some stuff?

Mine would be a H-Spin Beysick. I would change the bearing to a C size and the response to a deeper groove for flowable silicone.


Either clyw sasquatch, avalanche, or duncan raptor


I’d say my Raptor (after cleaning of the bearing), and my RecRev.


I’ve got so many, and I love each one for it’s own unique characteristics.
Wouldn’t change a thing on any of them.


Idk probably my Punchline Repeater.


hmm… Probably my lunatic, or g5.

(Jei Cheetah) #7

If my speed freak was just a TEENCY bit heavier with more rim weight, and did not have a 10 ball bearing, I would like it so much more.
Already like it as is of course.