New old guy here

So I havent seen a yo-yo since the mid sixties when I was a kid.didnt even know they still existed.My friends 8 year old daughter heard one of us mention yo-yo and asked what it meant.After explaining that it wasnt the idiot we were describing I went looking to get her one.Went to ebay and got myself one as well.I saw that they have come a long way since we did the “sleeper” and “around the world” and not much else.So,I now have a Duncan Wheels,fixed axle,only because I never saw a bearing when I was young.Further searching led me here.I am blown away by the way yo-yoing has advanced.So know I’m thinking about trying a bearing type,but dont want anything that is “unresponsive”,at least not yet.What would be a model that has a bearing but can still be returned with a pull on the string?and of course I dont think I need to spend a small fortune.Thanks for any guidance.

What’s a “small fortune”? $20? There are a few good beginner ten dollar yoyos, like the yoyojam classic, the yoyofactory one; or if you’re just looking for a yoyo that can do the very basics, some of the cheapest duncan yoyos have bearings in them.

i admit my bias, but i think you’ll have a hard time finding something that fits your description more appropriately (and inexpensively) than an RD-1.

welcome, btw!

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Ed, going off topic for a minute is there enough room on the RD1 to get rid of the turbo disks (yuk!) and add a silicon recess?

Take a look at the YoYoFactory Starter Set. Comes with both a smaller and larger bearing. Smaller for responsive play then the larger for unresponsive. A few other goodies are included. All for under $20. Can’t go wrong.

Yep. I have a couple stock and a couple siliconed. You really only need to do one side though with the small gap and low weight. Throw in a clean bearing and they play killer.

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Cool,that starter set looks like it might be right.I really know nothing about these bearing yo-yo’s and dont want to get something I cant use yet.I doubt I’m even ready for anything more thatn the fixed axle I’ve got.Thanks for the responses.

A responsive bearing yoyo would probably be better for you. I love fixed axle yoyos, but you definitely need a sense of urgency when it comes to executing tricks. The extra sleep time you’ll get from a bearing will allow you to progress without having to rush tricks.

Being a veteran of sixties yo-yoing I feel your pain and welcome you and your interest.
Right now there is a surge in interest in fixed axle yoyo’s such as you remember but since you are interested in a responsive/unresponsive throw I believe the suggestion of the YoYoFactory Starter Set would be a good choice.
Again, welcome!

I would suggest a YoYoJam Classic or a YoYoFactory Fast 201. Both are sold here.

All good suggestions,from what I can see.I now know a small bearing is what makes it responsive as opposed to the larger bearing being less or un-responsive.I’ll have to keep reading and learn.And oif course,practice.

Not really. Bearing size has little if any effect on responsiveness. The gap between the halves and lubing or not lubing the bearing are the major players here. Lube makes it more responsive.

Sorry if I was misleading. By smaller I did mean a thinner bearing and larger meaning thicker which are both included in the yyf starter kit.

No problem,thats why I’m here,to learn.

I wouldn’t get the yyf starter kit. Way too light, not a long enough spin.

Yoyojam Classics at $10 is a much better yoyo for the price,

but my personal opinion is that the Legacy III at $25 is the best option. It comes with both a narrow and fat bearing, comfortable shape, and you’ll be ready to try some new school tricks if you want

I love the yoyojam classic. The shape is fullsized and low walled which fits modern design much more than most responsive yoyos. The O-ring response doesn’t wear out like pad responses and it’s a pretty simple construction.

I’m personally against starter sets because it means taking your one responsive yoyo and making it unresponsive. For just a little bit more you could just buy a speedaholic which is cheap and unresponsive giving yourself 2 great yoyos.

I would also suggest picking up some 100% polyester string.

I agree. But, then you would only have plastics when you really should have a metal yoyo (because nothing throws like a metal). There are plenty of fabulous metals for less than $50… If you can’t make up your mind between them, get two or maybe three. But now you have five yoyos and you’ll need somewhere to keep them. There are some nice cases available that hold 12 yoyos or more. But when you put five yoyos in a case for twelve and you see those seven remaining empty holes, you should probably just get seven more yoyos to fill them.

And a new yoyo fiend is born…
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Pretty sure I’m no where near that point,Mike.I think I may go with the Classic first.Still fumbling with the fixed axle,tho.

Hopefully you saw the humor in my post. But as an avid member of this hobby, it can truly be a slippery slope when it comes to acquiring yoyos. I was just making a joke about that - one many folks on here understand. I hope you enjoy this wonderful past time and get something back from it as well.

BTW, I like the YYJ Surge over the Classic because I like heavier yoyos. Similar specs but 7 grams heavier.

I would look into the speed dial by yoyofactory as it works for both responsive and unresponsive play so you can learn new tricks while you work on the bind.