Beysick with wrong bearing.


OK, well, this has been an interesting day on many levels. I had been throwing my modded FHZ and I decided my Beysick needed some attention. This has been a yoyo I’m having trouble enjoying and I think it’s coming together why this yoyo is giving me some grief.

Again, the yoyo in question is an H-Spin Beysick. The only thing interesting is that it is a 44 Clash edition, but that’s just a color/decoration issue.

This yoyo was bought used from a seller here. I’m not going to name the seller, so don’t ask. I’m going to handle this even if it means I need to buy a new bearing. The previous owner expressed a dislike for this yoyo. But that’s neither here or there. I’m looking to resolve this problem. I have no issue with the seller.

First, I noticed a while ago that the bearing doesn’t come OUT to the edge of the bearing seat area. There’s a little gab between the bearing in there and the outer edge. This just didn’t seem right. But hey, what do I know at this point.

Now, this is my first D-bearing yoyo. I’ve been told they play a bit different. Well, granted, I’m new, my technique could use some work, I’ll admit it, but, this thing is grabbing all over the place. I can land a trapeze, double or nothing, drop in the bucket, but trying to do something like the matrix ain’t happening. Mach 5 gets snaggy and comes back at me, as does the Matrix. Doing the undermount to go into a bind snags and starts coming back to me before I"m ready, so I figured, let’s unscrew this yoyo and see what’s going on.

I remove the bearing and place it next to another A bearing(from my FHZ Pulse, which sports a Terrapin X A+Beefcake now), mostly out of curiosity. I seem to have found the problem. It’s a dead match. I think my problem is the wrong bearing has been placed into this yoyo at some point by the seller.

The specs for an A bearing are 5X10X4, while a D is 5X11X5. This makes the D bearing a bit larger in diameter and a bit thicker. I’m assuming that my gap as a result is too small due to the thickness of the bearing and the smaller diameter explains the gap between the current bearing and the bearing seat’s outer edge.

I’d take pictures, but someone isn’t returning my tripid and I do better with a tripod. Sorry, I know it would help a lot. But, short of that, I’d like to know if in my troubleshooting, I may have overlooked something or my logic may have some flaws in it. Or, is more information needed?

I’m planning on ordering some yoyo bearings soon anyways from where I normally order bearings(Terrapin X), but I don’t want to waste money on a wrong sized bearing.


Its a perfect match?
Well, D bearing and A bearing had same inner diameter, so you can fit an A bearing into a D bearing yoyo.

I think it explain everything, the differences between the bearing OD and the yoyo bearing seat is enough as a proof.

Try to get some real D bearing then.