Hspin=great customer service and amazing yoyo's!

When my nvx hybrid bearing got responsive and loud I emailed hspin telling them about my problem. They replied fast and said they would send me a new bearing. Soon enough I had a package from Switzerland with a bearing, two axles, silicone pads and two sick stickers! I cleaned it with paint thinner and it played like heaven. Soon thought it got responsive and loud again. I email hspin again and they offer to send me a steel bearing and if I tried cleaning the bearing then adding a tiny bit of lube to the bearing. This was my solution! Ok I admit noob mistake. Ok you guys may be thinking the new hspin bearing sucks but trust me it does not. The most important thing for you to do with the hybrid bearing is to remember to add just a tiny bit of lube to the bearing after cleaning it. What do you get? A smooth, long spinning, quiet, good looking<yea I said it!, unresponsive amazing bearing! I would take it over a yoyofactory spec anyday.(calm down yoyofactory fanboys, I love yoyofactory and they make great yoyo’s. A pair of warm socks and a sweet beaysick are coming my way! Thank you hspin for the great customer service and the amazing yoyo’s. You guys rock!

Bruno Teixeira

Comment-rate-hspin positives, negatives-favorite hspin yoyo’s-past experiences-overall company status?

Keep trowing everyone!

I agree, I have come to really like Hspin. I have the Beysick, and it is my favorite throw. I think the socks were unique and great at the same time, and all the spare parts that come with the yoyo are a very nice addition.

I can’t wait till I get mine. Two questions though, is the steel bearing good and is the finish on the yoyo good for grinds???

h00t HSpin!