The Hspin NVx should have been "Yoyo Of The Year"!

Beat’s me why there could possibly be brand new NVxs around at this late date. Why they didn’t sell out immediately as do so many throws who have mass-hysteria surrounding them, I will never now, and will remain one of life’s big mysterys to me. The NVx may very well be the longest spinning yoyo ever created, not to mention it’s unequaled stability. Of coarse then you have its beautiful ano and graphics work- truly a work of art, that has not as of yet anyway, recieved its due. Must also mention Hspin’s revolutionary ultra quiet and ultra-smooth “hybrid bearing”; what a delight this thing is!
For the NVx to have sort of been left in the background as it has, makes me wonder if it is a case of people just not realizing and overlooking it for that reason, or if it is rather a case of the average yoyoer being just a little bit fickle etc., when it comes to his or her preferred throws. I can’t imagine that the fact that it has a “D” size bearing was, in and of itself, the main comtibuting factor that has hindered its sales all these years. I truly believe that anyone who has not at the very least, at least tried one of these “totally amazing yoyos”, they have missed out on one of yoyoing’s “best”. Looks like it’s not too late because YYE has a brand new batch for sale, and oh what a deal too!!!

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I was going to get one but I spend my money on an Arctic Circle, a Sky Walker and a couple of other items.

I would like to try one.

If it’s anything like the Beysick, I would definitely buy one!

Ugly colors are what ruined it…I had one and they are amazing but the colorways were beyond ugly.

That, and the logo design is incredibly poor.

I will agree, that yes, the avoidance of bearing sizes other than C is very sad indeed. People seem to be way too fickle these days. It’s a shame people tend to disregard so many options.

Won’t see me complaining though; half the yoyos in my case are A’s and D’s! Love 'em.

I would’ve picked one up if the color and logo was different. I might pick one up to get custom anno’d

I agree, Ive owned a lot of Hspin stuff over the years with the Original Envy and Cut being two of my all time favorites I dont understand why I passed over this…and then I see the colors…Green or Purp/Pink ???

I would of loved to see this green and grey like the Envy/Envy 64.

Fortunately for me, I have A D bearing yoyos in my collection. I will admit I have a very over-powering preference for C-sized bearings.

I do have the small bearing bassalope, which is probably my favorite A-sized bearing yoyo. As far as my D-sized yoyos, I only have two, the Duncan Momentum and the Beysick. I like the Momentum better than the Beysick.

I think the problem with the smaller bearings is a common one. People like me just don’t know how to properly play them. They spin faster, and they are LESS tolerant of bad throws, which is why I have a problem with most of them. The Momentum plays like a C-sized bearing and is very forgiving of my less than perfect throws. The Beysick, not so much so. The Bassalope is a whole other category, some days I can play it, other days I can’t.

I’m improving. Slowly. I may be willing to pick up one of these in a couple of weeks after I get paid from a show. I do wish the colorways were different. I’m not pleased. I may have to see about maybe buying 2, swapping halves and selling the other halves. Then again, I don’t think I’m willing to be stuck with an all purple one in case nobody will buy it off me.

I have Hspin NVx serial number 2 its pretty OG

The main thing that was my deciding factor was that it wasn’t C size. when you don’t own any D size bearings, it’s something you think about when looking at a yoyo that uses it. kind of a what if I want to change it out and try a concave or a ten ball or crucial etc…

I don’t think the purple red color way is too bad, but certainly not as good as what out there. Which is kind of a disappointment since Hspin has always made some great designs in the past. Plus like Patrick said, the logo is pretty bad. I can see what they were going for, but I don’t think it worked.

Ok lets see, MY reasons, and its just my preference and observations, is that I didn’t like how tall vs. wide it was. I don’t like tall and skinny and im not too hung up on h shapes. I do like some h shapes don’t get me wrong. I dont own anything with a D size bearing so im not an authority on that but I’ve been thinking of getting a beysick. Back on topic. The colors are not that great and markings are ugly. I’m definitely not the only one on that. So my observation on it is that hspin did not even come close to appealing to the masses. If you want something to sell, you have to give people what they want. But this does not mean in any way that the nvx is a bad yoyo. Others I know that have it enjoy it but its not there go to yo. I think hspin wanted to make a yoyo mostly for them to define their company and wasn’t out to please everyone. They just wanted to make a good quality, long spinning, stable yoyo they could be proud of. And they did just that.

Well, I’ll start off by saying that Crucials are wack to begin with. Secondly, other options for D bearings, such as concaves and hybrid bi-material, are relatively easy to find. People just don’t try, is the thing.