Hspin NVx


Hspin NVx(e"NV"y X) xxjohnsonxx review enjoy

Personally i didn’t know what to expect other then wow. I started learing on a DV888 so making the change over to the NVx was amazing. Such a smooth stable yoyo and was cheap at the time YYE was having a sale for July 4th when i picked it up so i got it 10% off. doesn’y make much of a dent with it being $70 but it helped.

HISTORY OF THE YOYO: this is the 3RD generation oh H profile yoyos from the Hspin line. It started in 2006 with the ENVY. Then the updated version the ENVY 64 coming that following winter of 2007. 2009 comes along and the NVx is released. Really changing the game up with the more rounded profile along with the weight pushed more evenly distributed but much still on the rims.


diameter: 54.2mm/ 2.13"
width: 39.7mm/ 1.56"
response: Hspin this pads
bearing type: D(5x11x5)

"AXLE & RESPONSE 2.0: HSPIN’s brand new axle geometry features the latest in yoyoing technology:

  • Hybrid steel/plastic de-shielded bearing with super-low friction
  • Slim custom silicone stickers tightly around outer bearing ring (2 extra spares provided in each package)
  • The recesses can be siliconed easiy to give it a long lasting tight binding response
  • Concave wall in the gap (“soft schmoove”) to reduce string friction
  • 5 micron precision bearing seat (state of the art vibration absence)"

The response in my words: the words above are pulled off the Hspin website. The response is a shallow groove which i have yet to try silicone in yet. I hope to pick up monkey snot or a tube of flowable soon. The stickers hold well for intense play. In my opinion intense for me is master level tricks on YYE for a good couple of hours daily. With this amount of play they last two weeks easily. Not sure about if it isn’t a main throw.

Finish: The very nice hardcoat ano on the yoyo comes in a very pretty red-violet, or a light green-dark green. The ano on this makes grinding very smooth with very little friction. I’m not much of a grinder cause i don’t know much tricks just yet. Although this yoyo makes grinding very nice.

Final thoughts:
The yoyo was a amazing purchase i do not regret it at all. For $70 its a steal. This yoyo has turned to be my favorite even though the response gives me some trouble. I want flowable silicone and ill post how it turns out in the up coming weeks. Picture links are posted below of a picture unboxing and everything. Hope you enjoyed. This was my first in depth review.


Good review. I am a huge fan of this throw myself, it’s also one of my favorites ever, and underrated.


Super underrated and worth every second. downside is the response but flowable is great for it.