NVx by HSpin: YoYoSkills.com Review

The original rendition of the Evny was a very bold and risky move. H-Spin produced the Envy with the most pronounced H-Profile the market had only imagined on paper. This 72 gram behemoth came out in April 2007, and has seen both critical acclaim and criticism. The overall feelings on this yo-yo are mixed. Some people like the shape while others hate it. One thing that no one can deny is that the H-Spin Envy helped change the way yo-yos were designed and manufactured. There have been two significant changes to the Envy since the first release in April. The Envy 64 kept the overall shape, but brought it down to 63.4 grams, and the now the NVx, a complete re-envisioning of a progressive original shape with maximum rim weight and a huge catch zone. H-Spin was kind enough to send me an NVx for review, and with excitement, I am happy to comply. Much like the Gingerbread house my Daughter made, the NVx looks good enough to eat. Just in time for Christmas, here is the the NVx.
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As usual, it makes me want to get one. Also, I love the gingerbread house!

Great Review!