Hspin nvx #78

A yoyo I’ve had in my collection for years is the HSPIN NVX, I bought this yoyo when I was young and knew nothing about the hobby… only that it looked cool and I just got fresh Christmas money.

I know nothing about it, its dead smooth but not really my favorite throw- just sentimental because I’ve had it for a while. Its numbered 78… don’t know what that means!

Does anyone know any info/ background on this yoyo???

Not sure what you’re wanting info on…

Year: 2009
Weight: 65.9g
Diameter: 54.2mm
Width: 39mm
Gap: 4mm

Descendent of the H-Spin Envy. The yoyos appear to individually numbered; you have #78.

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Just looking for info about it since I know HSPIN doesnt do much anymore, and the yoyo isn’t made anymore either! Seeing if anyone knows any history on it or how popular it was!

I hear there real big in Sweden.

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Wasn’t a very popular model overall and tended to go for cheap on the BST. You can navigate around hspin.com through the wayback machine but the number is there because they individually numbered all their releases. Each Hspin has a unique number to represent it’s place in the run unless it was a special edition or one of their low end models.

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value ranges $70- $90.

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