YYR HSPIN ILYY OXY for sale :)

PSP (3000/2000, mip/new)
IPhone 4G (mip / new)

yoyos for sale aug10 by bowleryoyo, on Flickr

ALL are FOR SALE or TRADE, just offer me the numbers :slight_smile:

HSPIN NVX prototype, extra smooth, scratches like all raw yoyos
HSPIN pyro ghost, new classic, stable, dazzling fire design, buttery smooth
HSPIN cut, swiss edition (1 of 39), smooth, fast, especially with added weight ring, cant ask for more
OXYGENE Ti, well, what can i say, it is an oxy, and it is a titanium yoyo. :slight_smile:
OXYGENE 3vo, WOW this thing is DEAD smooth. u should try it. not like any other yoyo i’ve played…smooth as hell, with butterfly shape for extra stability.
YOYORECREATION dreadnought, near mint, 1 pair of flat spot, barely noticable, big, fast, eye catching
YOYORECREATION clash, mint except 1 anno flaw on the rim (yellowish dot), smooth, solid throw
YOYORECREATION sleipnir. what can i say, shinya showed what it’s capable of at world 2009
ILOVEYOYO liopleurodon euro edition (1 of 25) orange and blue candyblast, classic shape with extraordinary weight distribution, dead smooth, 67gr

i will sell them when the price is right :slight_smile:

call/text +628122015995
ym : bowleryoyo
email : bowleryoyo@yahoo.com

ps : i’m in indonesia

how much for the hspin pyro