Yoyos for cheap, yyf, hspin, yyj

Im not quiting. I just only use my stardust and my loopers. NOT TRADING unless you have NES or SNES games or pads that fit a v1 stargazer. Shipping is 5 for one and free if you buy 2 or more
Crucial SPR, 1 pair, and 1 pair of ghosts pads, 15
FHZ Axle, brass spacers and bearing, doesnt include FHZ,doesnt count as yoyo 2

YYF Superstar, no stacks and okay condition 25

Hspin Proto beysick, needs pads, great condition 25

Hspin envy, good condtition 20 On hold

Hspin envy64, vibey, some marks 20

Hspin pyro light, some damage, 25

Hspin Icon, Gold, scuffs, needs bearing 20

Griffin wing, OS damage 10

YYF whip, needs bearing free when you buy 3 yoyos

YYJ New Breed, weird scratches on rims, needs bearing and needs to be resiliconed 15

Just so you guys know, this guy has 72 all positive feedback on YYN :wink:

How good is the blue superstar??

bump and please pm me

Hey Bump! And PM me!!!

Can I buy the Hspin pyro light? (Btw Idk how this works, and what does bump mean?