Fs/ft Hspin Pyro, 09 888 sb

Selling or trading two yoyos that i have in my case and hasnt gotten much love since i got my busine$$ so im looking to trade or sell em.

09 888 sb blue/gold. beadblasted pretty much mint just 2 small scratches dosnt go through ano. Smooth will come with box,hubs, and nubs.85 $ or trade offer.

Pyro #1174.1 ding 2 scuffs. comes with a kk bearing no box.
55$ or trade offer

trades wanted
Anything really just offer

Has the ding affected the play of the pyro at all?

Are you willing to send first if I offer?

anything you would trade for a surge and popstar?

Just throwing this one out there but it’s been 4 years now so I think they might be gone…

But good to see you 'round likeaboss7 it’s been a while.

ya i stoped for a bit but now i’m back!