Selling large chunk of collection! (NEED GONE, PRICE DROP!)

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Hey all! ^ ^

So I have decided to get rid of a good chunk of my collection, I am in need of funds for school and such needs to come before personal yoyo collecting.
That said,
No trades, prices set.



Hspin Pyro 3.

I really hate to see this go. Its literally one of the best yoyo’s I have ever thrown and thats really saying something coming from me.
Amazing play, such a perfect weight distribution and very comfortable shape. I literally love this thing.
Has some marks around the rims, definitely been used a bit, but a tried and true yoyo, incredible.
64 shipped.


Hspin Pyro Light.

Has one tiny pinprick mark on the rim, otherwise very great condition. Very smooth player. a classic and getting tougher to find.
45 shipped.


Team Edition 401k.

Very hard to find these days. Incredible player and what I consider to be the staple of YYF’s quality.
Has a scuff / pinprick, nothing major that would affect play. Incredible yoyo and a true classic.
47 shipped.


Metal Drifter

Its a drifter, in all its drifty goodness.
10 shipped alone or add to anything else for an extra 6 bucks.


Again, no trades, prices set to sell.

Get at me.
All throws shipped with glitter and sexiwuffysnuggles!
^ ^