Amazing deals cause they must go now!

Alright, had to close the other thread.

I really need some money so I am pricing these to sell, and to sell FAST!

Hans Wong fh2!

This is a first generation freehand 2 set up with Hans special spacer set-up.
Also has a very nice Satin finish on it for smooth grinds.
Very nice playing yoyo.
4.5 condition.
11 shipped! :open_mouth:

Satin Finish Dif GTO!

I hate to see it go, this is a really nice player.
Smooth on the string, one of the earliest serious 1A metals.
4 condition
Super deal! Only 50 shipped!

Clear Ano 401k!

Good condition, this is a very smooth 401k, most 401ks have a vibe os some sort but this one is pretty much dead smooth. 4.5 condition
55 shipped! :open_mouth: !

Cold Metal Minigor!

Very smooth yoyo, undersized but a really nice player.
Originally would go for 100
4 condition!


Thats right! This thing is bead blasted!
401ks play very nicely and the beadblast feels amazing.
Minty condition! And has rare blue dials!
64 shipped only! Wow!

1 of 1 Lazer engraved Raw Peak.

Only one of these were ever made.
Minty condition, maybe a light tiny microscopi mark at the most but pretty much flawless.
4.5 condition
lookin for 195 shipped.



Thats it!

I really dont want to trade.
Money offers only if possible please!

Please help me out!

Thanks for looking!


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new stuff!

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can u ship worldwide? (to the philippines)

hey is the total price for the Pyro 56 shipped!
if is ill talk to my dad and you might sell it ;D

Still tempted by the Peak. :smiley: I have to see if it’s worth it to me. Why is it a 4.5 condition?

He made a 1-5 condition system for the YYE B/S/T ,,2288.0.html

Ill see if I get enough money from selling some stuff tomorrow, if i do i want that 888!

answering some questions :slight_smile:

sorry but I cant ship internationally, only domestic. :frowning:

Yes the pyro is 56 shipped total!

the 4.5 is halfway between 4 and 5. 5 being flawless and new, 4 being used but ok condition.
its 4.5 due to it being faded metal cause of use.

Any other questions, dont hesitate to ask!


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how much for the dif-e-yo

my max for it is $40

Says 50 bucks shipped.

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OMG I’m soooo tempted by the pyro! But i have to save for the P2 :-\

hey could you take more pictures of the pyro plz :smiley:

Sunsets gone and pyro pics coming soon!


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So tempted by the silk…

Pyro pics and NEW YOYO!

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is the pyro still available?
I have been looking for and all metal, and the pyro is perfect. :slight_smile:


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hey i set you two pms no reply ???

How much are the Pyro, 888, Superstar, and Raw Peak?

It says how much they are under the pic. But i Have a question for Jay… Is there a difference between the 08 and 09 888. If I recall there used to be a bearing size difference.