Massive package deal! 17 yoyos and a case! $400 shipped today only!! LF: cash!

Ok, so this is all for sale as a package. I’ll be shipping USPS Priority, and with the case, shipping will be $15. It will be more with insurance, but I’ll cover that fee. Otherwise, everything INCLUDING the case for $$430 plus the shipping.

Please note: The Pyro is gone, and the price has been adjusted accordingly.

More pics

Blue Jensen Kimmitt Superstar. 1 spot of damage. The engravings are a little worn. Plays fantastically.

C3 winning bird. Near mint. no box sadly

Hspin Gorilla. Custom painted. Some chips in the paint. Smooth. Good player, but it doesn’t get used.

Magic YoYo N9 floating. Pictures don’t show the stacks, but it does have em. Not mint. Has dings and what not, but still plays well. Good for learning 5a.

Maverick. Newer version. Mint.

Spyy Spyder. Very near mint. Has some tiny marks in the ano that you cannot feel. Smooth as well. Comes with a D sized kk bearing.

Superwide. Mint.

IKYO Agape. Some slight rim damage. Fresh pads, and smooth.

Pyro #1750. Plays great. In good shape. One bigger mark, but it can’t really be felt. Pinpricks otherwise.

Genesis + hubstacks. So very near mint. There’s something I’m sure. Plays great. It shows clear stacks, but it will ship with yellow. Great player.

  1. From what I understand, it was beat, but then powder coated. It is what it is I suppose. It has a wobble, but is pretty smooth on the string.

Mini-Khan 7 Hard coat. Mint as far as I can tell. Needs to be tuned.

One Drop 54. Tiny pinpricks. I got this to retire my painted 54. Great player. There is this problem with the bearing seat, so it can only use bearings with rounded edges. Plays fine otherwise.

St. eel. This is one of my main pocket yoyos. Great player. From the newer run, so it has a D bearing in it. One mark, but it’s not feelable. Tiny vibe.

Clear ano avant garde 1. Mint.

Counterattack. Mint.

Pro-Z. No caps, but has the mod spacers in.

All for $$430 plus the shipping of $15.

I also have this Fire Swirl Maxbet. This is a one of a kind yoyo, and it looks amazing. Normally I wouldn’t sell it, but I need the cash. I’d like to get $140 shipped, which is less than I paid for it.

I have 59 more feedback at YYN

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Check your darn messages, fool

$140-$150 on sovereign, respond with yes or no ill check back tomorrow

Sorry man, but I’ll pass. It’s not something I’m in a rush to get rid of, and it will be very hard to get.
Also, please keep offers to PM

Also, bump

i like your gm2 do you still have it?