FS: SPYY,Gen yo,Chief, gnar, ILYY+more LF: certain tactic Stuff on ebay

Paypal only.
I prefer US only, but I will now ship international. Prices are as listed.

$3 for shipping + tracking

International: Standard is at your own risk. I assume no responsibility if it becomes lost in the mail.
$10 for standard (no tracking) and at your own risk.
$15 for standard + tracking. Safer, but at your own risk.
$30 for Fully insured and tracked. Then it’s all my responsibility

Please note: I will not respond to “What would you offer for my yoyo?” I will not offer on your items. Offer on mine.

Offer up guys, trades are back open!
PS Vita!!!, but no psp’s  (may offer below the line)
Titanium yoyos (aurora, bulldog, ect.)
Franks Slide BvM
Beat Chief… I want one as a carry around. One I can use and abuse.
Yoyofactory tactic (purple with blue splash ONLY)
^ if it doesn’t look like that, I don’t want it.

Pics to all on BST here!

Ebay stuff

ILYY Falcon. Christmas Trifecta edition 1/10 (according to ILYY). Great player. Super sharp spikes. There’s some damage on the green side (pictured), and a sanded spot on the red. Neither affects play. Lots of fun.
$65 $50

General Yo Essence B Grade. Great player. 1 spot of damage per half, but they’ve been sanded, and don’t affect play. There’s also some minor marks in the blast that cannot be felt.

Small bearing Genesis. Lots of fun. One spot of pinpricks, then maybe a tiny tiny flat spot. Great shape. These aren’t made at the moment, and they are pretty hard to find.

CLYW Gnarwhal. Kinda beat. Slight vibe. The dings are sanded down. Still plays like normal. It’s my pocket yoyo to take anywhere without worry.

Yoyojam Karma. Great yoyo. Lots of fun. Red. There are some pinpricks along the edges, but no real dings. Fresh silicone.
$65 $50

PSP 2000. Some marks that show up with use. The back ring has scratches. Works perfectly. It’s currently hacked, so it can play any game for psp if you have the rom/iso for it. Comes with an 8gb memory card.This is what is has on it: FF crisis core (disc), little big planet, gran turismo, echocrome, MGS peace walker, pinball classics, monster hunter 2, loco roco, dissidia final fantasy, LOH trails in the sky, Ace combat X, Tales of the world: radiant mythology, and a bunch of games for gba and n64
$95 $75

Dv888. USA version. uses the older pads. green. Mirror polished rims. Some dings still show near the polish. Fun yoyo.
$20 or $10 with another yoyo

Prototype California. I’ve never seen another, but they are out there. Not sure what it’s worth. Normal Cali’s sold for $120, but I’m not sure what this is worth. Normal marks for a raw yoyo. 22/50.
$80 $55

Pre production Punchline. Near mint, just two dings. There is a small vibe, but it’s not bad at all. Rare yoyo nowadays.
$110 $85

C3 Halo. Good shape. Has one spot that was scraped by the previous owner. Doesn’t affect play. Lots of fun. Very smooth for a delrin.


These next ones are NOT for trade. They will be pretty hard to get off of me as well. I’m looking for cash offers ONLY!  I will not even respond to lowballs and trade offers on these. Just remember, I’ll be wanting a little more, as they are some of my favorite yoyos.

3rd run Musket Chief. One of my favorite yoyos. Smooth. One tiny spot of damage, but it can’t be felt, and doesn’t affect play in the least. Also got glow sticks to add onto it. This will likely be the hardest to get off of my BST.

Spyy Radian MKll #244. Very near mint. Just two very very small flat spots. Don’t affect play at all. Smooth as well. Also has a carbon fiber pad in it.

Clyw Wooly Marmot. Gloss black. A grade. Smooth, with snow tires. Some tiny marks in the ano, then 2 flat spots. Great player.

Wooly Markmont. Very near mint. Fresh silicone. It’s been polished, so it will tarnish. There’s some sanding marks from the polish, but they can’t be felt, and don’t affect play. Awesome yoyo really. Like a perfected marmot.

General Yo Hatrick. BADA$$ version. Awesome yoyo. Fresh silicone. 2 small dings, but they don’t affect play. They’ve been sanded, so they cannot be felt. Smooth. It’s going to take a LOT to get this off of me.

YYJ Night Moved 4. Rare Blue anodized. No dings on the rims, but there’s some marks that cannot be felt. Awesome playing. Smooth too. Still has the original o rings. Lots of fun.

I’ve got 53 more feedback over at YYN

again, paypal only.

Do you do package deals? Also how much do you want for your rockstar and how much for the crucial alamode

I do do package deals. Please offer for the rockstar, and I am not sure which yoyo you are referring to, but I do not have an a la mode. Please keep it to pm’s as well.

i might have some thing u want

please keep it to pm’s

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G&E3. Very very very near mint. Just two very small spots in the ano that are very hard to see. Slight vibe. Also doesn’t get used.
$55 $45 holding

thanks for holdin’ this, pre’. :slight_smile:



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I’ll by the regulas and dv888 I got money