Sale! ILYY, YYF, and iPods! Steals inside. Better picture of Superstar up.

Black YoYoFactory Superstar- $45 shipped!- It’s pretty beat. It is only rim damage, the rest of the yoyo is looking great. Even with the rim damage this yoyo spins nearly as smooth as the day I got it. It is a TANK. Most durable yoyo I’ve owned after Dif-e-Yo stuff. I just finished pouring some red RTV in it five minutes ago, so you’ll have a fresh, snappy throw as soon as you open the package, :). Comes shipped with a flat clean bearing. No stack bearings, no orings. But! It comes with two sets of Z-stacks, and a pair of trans green, trans red, and black hubstacks!

Red YoYoFactory Skyline- $60 shipped-
Very light rim damage, the pictures make it look much deeper than it really is. Has some relatively new silicone in it with a fair amount of life left. This is hands down the best undersized yoyo I have ever played. Comes with a flat clean bearing. No stack bearings, no orings. Comes with a set of white, clear and black hubstacks, :).

ILOVEYOYO Preproduction Wasabi- $80 shipped-
I believe this yoyo is a one of ten. It is raw, and as mint as a raw yoyo that has been played can be. It is missing it’s axle, but I’ll be stopping by a hardware store and picking up a new one before I ship. Stock ILYY bearing. Great throw, just not my thing.

iPods: I have three iPods I need to get rid of. Two of the latest 4GB Shuffles. One pink, one black. The black I have taken running a few times, the pink hasn’t even been synced/charged. I also have one of the earlier 1GB Shuffles. The little silver squares. I am looking for $45 shipped for each of the 4s and $20 shipped for the 1GB. The new 4GBs retail for $75.

okay umm i might be interested in the case but how about 25 bucks please i have to save up my other money for a dns or a nother lunatic

If he sells the case for 25bucks, he will be selling it for real cheap since the shipping is so expensive

well ill have to see how much money i get today to still see if i have the money for my yoyo but if i do id buy it for 30 tops

I’m not going any lower than thirty five. Sorry. It’s a fifty dollar case that is in new condition and will be very expensive to ship.

PM’ed about the 4XL.

Project, 4XL and case are sold.

Had some offers on the Superstar. Nobody has given me a solid answer on whether they’re gonna’ buy it or not. Jump on it! I broke that silicone in last night and it’s basically a brand new Superstar for less than half the price, plays like a champ.

PM’ed! Again.