selling/trading some stuff!!!!! come look

ok im going to iyyo and i need some money!!!

here we go. everything is offer price so pm me with offers. all damage on all of the metals were actually not done by me but by me letting other people see them.

ghost pyro- it has several scuffs nothing bad at all. its very smooth and it is such a classy yoyo.

SB hectic- its satined edge, it has shine to it so its not dull. half black and half red. its a very strong throw and its yyf smooth. it has a few scuffs.

beater trainwreck- i just spray enameld it black and sprayed a monkey cw black also. its a bad spray job but its a beater and it plays great for 5a.

higby fast 201- painted flame caps and satined body. its stock but plays really well. its gold version and its is really nice. pretty much mint

a modded squirrel- its orange body dyed grey/purple caps. it is dual sili recessed and schmooved. it plasy magnificently. few bare scratches on the caps

red translucent fh2- few scuffs plays great not much to say. also doesnt have the caps.

i can try to get pictures not sure yet. its all described as seen. im going to iyyo and if ur going we can meet up or watever.

wooly marmot
other metals

You must show us pictures of your yoyos what you’re selling/trading, so we can see the yoyos and buy it.

Happy Throwing! =]

it also helps if you have prices with your yoyos

He said offer.

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ik but im just saying that people are more inclined to buy if they have an idea of their price because someone doesnt want to offer too much cause then they will feel like their being ripped off and they dont want to offer too less cause then the seller will think that they are trying to rip them off. it just makes it easier for the buyer and the seller if you put prices on your posts.