HspinH2o response type

I’ve had this Hspin H2o for 2 years, and its just been a disappointment. The yoyo is responsive, and constantly snaps back to my hand during tricks. I think this is because of the response pads, and am wondering if a change to monkey snot ;)flowable silicone will help this ripoff become good. Has anyone actually purchased and used monkey snot or other flowable silicone? If so, would someone be kind enough to tell me how it worked? Plz help as I’ve had this yoyo for 2 years and really wouldn’t use it over some of my cheaper yoyos. Also I just wouldn’t recommend buying the yoyo…

It’s hard to say. I am not in the mood to make heroic efforts to snag specs on this.

1: I can’t say if it is or isn’t compatible with flowable. If it is, yeah, then maybe it’s worth doing. Just remember to scrape the excess.

2: Maybe a new bearing is in order? Maybe a KK, CenterTrak or even a Crucial Grooved, something to keep the string away from the response might help a lot.

I had similar problems with my Half & Half. I installed a Crucial Grooved bearing and the problems went away. This is just another option that you might find worth exploring.

The H20 I’m pretty sure uses a metric sized bearing, just letting you know in case you want to buy a KK. I doubt the responsiveness has anything to do with the response. You can check by throw it down and checking if it’s tug responsive. If so, then remove and clean the bearing. If the yoyo snags during a trick like Skin the Gerbil, then practice more. Eventually you can do tricks to the point where they won’t ever snag, even after a new silicone job. Also, the more you play with it, the more you will wear down the response. But if it’s unbearably responsive, then rip out the old response and silicone it. You don’t have to use Monkey Snot, it just looks cool. You can pick up silicone at Walmart, I would recommend Permatex Red Gasket Maker. Just make sure the silicone is recessed.

Agreed. I’m pretty sure it’s the bearing and not the response. Throw a sleeper. Pop the yo-yo up and look in the groove. Is the string winding around the bearing? If so, it’s the bearing.

Well the yoyo is very grabby so maybe it is the bearing, but does anyone have any idea where to get a hspin bearing? They just had to make the bearing different sized, and its probably gonna cost lots of $$$$$. So would u use bearing cleaner to clean the bearing?Also btw yoyospirit skin the gerbil works way better even on a dv888 and night moves 5 so i think it might be the yoyo lol.

They’re actually one of the most common mini bearing sizes. Shouldn’t cost you more than about $4 for a flat 5X11X5 bearing.

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Thanks, is the bearing meant for yoyos?

No, but it IS exactly the same.

Nooooo, the bearing size for the H20 is 6x13x5mm.


Cleaning the bearing is much cheaper than buying a new one every time you find it not performing quite like you want it to.

I completely agree. And when a simple cleaning doesn’t suffice, Elephark describes a paper strips method of cleaning that actually works. It’s brought back a few yoyos of mine from the dead and boosted performance of a few others. Why? It just more aggressively removes more contaminants in a manner that isn’t harmful. Even so, I’ve had a few bearings that even after much cleaning and paper slips, still aren’t coming to life. Pretty much dead. When all else FAILS, then consider a new bearing.

Also, I think most of us typically have a few bearings laying around in good condition.

paper strips?

I would also recommend cleaning the bearing. If it doesn’t work let me know and I will see if I have a large metric bearing laying around.

As for your question about silicone, I use to own an H2O and I can tell you it is flowable silicone compatible. I didn’t like the stock response in mine so I poured a recessed response instead. That reduced the snagging as well.

Read it for yourself: