H2O responsiveness


I recieved an H2O and after cleaning the bearing the yoyo is still responsive. I took of one response pad and it works the same still responsive. I need some help.


Wow Bro. At least you could have helped him.

I will.

I think you may just have a bad bearing. If he response is a silicone type pad then a chunck of the sili may have gotten into the bearing. Is the bearing deshielded? If so then find some compressed air and try blowing it out. Then clean it again.

What are you cleaning it in?


awwww i didnt even mean to post that i was writting more in g-mail for spell check :frowning:

and i do beleive its flowable silicone, which takes some time to break in. So if you dont find anything in the bearing it might need to just be thrown a bit. Also i read it has o-rings to adjust the gap, might it be that the gap is to small?


i sent you a message with a review. the guy had the same kind of problem and it says how he fixed it :slight_smile:


I cleaned the bearing with thin lubricant bigger gap helped a bit


You mean you lubed the bearing with thin lube. It’s not a solvent so you can’t actually clean with it.


if you are “cleaning” the bearing with thin lube that’s probably why its responsive. yoyo bearings don’t really work like bearings do in every day applications. The lube in a yoyo bearing has 2 proposes.

  1. to extend the life of the bearing
  2. to slow the bearing down to help it become responsive

Now 1 small drop of thin lube is completely ok in a unresponsive yoyo, you just have to know that it will add some response to it until you break it in again.

if you used a lot of thin lube in the bearing, you can just play it out untill it breaks in (which i find responsive play fun from time to time)

or you can clean it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHb5a-kTzz8
thats one way to do it, you can also deshield it and use compressed air


OK thanks I will try some more.


Well, when I decide to make mine unresponsive, I wash the bearing and put it in a tic tac container with anti-greasing dish soap and shake it a lot. Then I dump out the soap and put in clean water in the container and shake it as to rinse it. Dry it out best you can, and put it in your yoyo. It will still not be very fast spinning, but wait overnight or a few hours and your bearing will be smooth and unresponsive.



Never use dish soap and water! BAD BAD BAD!


oh. Well, I don’t have spare lighter fluid… I don’t have anything like in the video…

I’m between a rock and a hard place, and it seems to work.

What is to worry about? Rust and Corroding, soap grime?


If you know alternatives that are in a normal household, please give me a call.


Soapy water has almost everything you don’t want in you bearing in it. It is water which will lead to rust. It has soap which will leave soap scum that will slow your bearing down. It isn’t designed for industrial lubricants so it won’t clean the oil out of your bearing correctly.

Is there any benefit to using soapy water? Nope.