Bearing Shield Backwards

Well friends, I bet you’re wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today. It is because I have done probably one of the noobiest mistakes in yoyo history.

I was cleaning a bunch of my bearings. One of them was kinda starting to seize and I figured if I was doing one I might as well do a couple.

As I was putting back on the shields on one though, I somehow absentmindedly kind of… put the shields on backwards…

I’m not sure if this would cause much of a problem, but it seems like it’s making a tiny bit tighter of a space for the balls inside, causing it to be a bit more responsive. I put it on a pencil to spin it to see, and it wasn’t spinning much at all. Before I put the shields on, it was spinning fine, so I’m pretty sure it can be traced back to that.

The way the shields are though, it made an extremely small space for the c-clips. Such a small space that I’m having a massive amount of trouble getting them off. I’ve been trying for roughly 20 minutes to no avail.

So basically, if anybody has any insight on this problem, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Please disregard this. I was telling my mom about what happened just because she was wondering what was taking me so long, and she decided to have a try. And in roughly 30 seconds, with close to 4 years less yoyo experience than me (her coming in at a whopping 0 days experience), she popped them right out. So you can forget this topic ever existed. Get a laugh out of this if you want, I’m laughing too. I’ve learned my lesson though.

Mods, you can get rid of this if you’d like. All good now. :slight_smile:


Mine is also same mistake but my mom couldn’t take it out? Lol.