To shield, or not to shield, that is the question

#teamnoshields checking in.

Ease of cleaning and maybe a smoother spin?

Do any of you guys put the shields back on after cleaning?


I do. In my experience makes absolutely no difference if the shields are on or not. Removing them and putting them back takes zero effort, so why not leave them on?


I must be shield ignorant because it take blood sweat and tears for me to get mine off :pensive:


I always take shields off and throw them away.

No reason, just a thing.

On the “c” clamp one edge (where it’s open) will be slanted like so “ / “
I use a sewing needle and pop that side out first.

Also easier if the bearing is off the yoyo.


If they’re on they’re on, if they’re off they’re off. I have gotten yoyos with bearings both ways, and don’t really notice a big difference. Probably easier to clean with no shields, but likewise easier to get it dirty I would think.


I generally put them back on after I clean a bearing.

I don’t know if I’d say removing them and putting them back on takes zero effort, it’s a bit of a process.



I think bearing shields aren’t that useful on yo-yos because the bearing is protected inside the yo-yo 99.99% of the time… so I’m happy when bearings come without shield. But I find them super painful to remove, much less replace!


Glad someone else isn’t a fan of the removal process.


I remove shields when I clean bearings and never put them back. I tried once to put them back as a kid and failed. Never tried again. I weirdly have a bag of a bunch of them like I will one day decide I need them.


I’m definitely anti-shields! They are a pain to remove and are often the source of a suddenly loud bearing. I can’t imagine putting one back In when you have to attack the bearing with pliers and a needle just to clean it and apply some lube.


My method of removing them involves destroying them. It’s far faster and none of that pesky find the end of the c clip thingy. But that’s just me.

Shields only stay on my bearings long enough to be cleaned for the first time. In my experience, I have noticed no benefit in protection from dirt/grime/hair by leaving them on. In both cases the bearings seem to be cleaned on an equally regular basis, so I like to get those pesky bastards off as soon as possible. The yoyo housing is enough of a “shield” anyway.

I think the only reason why people put them on is because of borrowed experience from skaters. But you have to realize skate bearings are left exposed, so the shields are the bearing’s only protection.

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Yeah. That would be a more accurate way to describe it.

Bros idk :man_shrugging:t4: i swear bearing shields were never a problem for me to remove and put back on. Since they make virtually no difference, of course if you like it without it just throw those in the trash. Your bearing will function exactly the same with or without them.


Yeah, me too. How would I even know which shield goes to what bearing, they’re all slightly different lol


I am lazy. No shields ftw.


Shields can be a total pain to remove. No shields for me.


Grab a sharp one from Grandma’s pincushion and pop those shields right into the trash


Because I’m lazy…I like being efficient at what I do, I leave the shields off after they’re moved. Half the time, those spring clips end up shooting off to nowhere. Unless I’m doing a responsive with some heavy lube, I leave the shields off once they’re removed.


Im all about throwing side shields in the trash. It has improved my quality of life dramtaically.


I’ve had some tough ones to remove. If there’s no issues, I leave them be.