Do you keep your bearing's shield off or on?

It took me forever to take out my shields, it even got severely damaged. Even after watching videos on how to remove and clean the bearings. I ended up putting the bearing back onto the yoyo without any shield on it.

A lot of people leave the shields off. It’s a preference thing. Some claim it keeps stuff out of the bearing, but if you think about it the bearing is pretty much encased in the yoyo in any event.

After playing for awhile without the shields on the bearing, I find that it is significantly louder yet spins longer.

If the shields help identify a bearing (like the “Dif” on genuine Dif KKs or if I have used a coloured sharpie to identify a particular bearing) I will put them back on. Otherwise I just leave’em off.

I damaged my shields the first time I removed them as well, but with practice it gets much easier. I usually keep the shields off these days just because I’m lazy

I’ve heard multiple times that taking the shields off reduces noise and can even increase spin time, but i haven’t found that to be true for what i’ve used. It doesn’t seem like keeping the shields on helps keep the bearing clean much longer, if even at all (i haven’t noticed any difference). I just take mine off the first time i clean the bearing and put them in an altoids tin with a bunch of others. just in case i ever need them for some reason.

I keep them unshielded. I can do the unshielding quite fast now without any damage.
I prefer it that way since cleaning is faster and it’s easier to remove grittle from the bearing.
I don’t know if they spin longer but I’m sure it doesn’t make them sleep less.

The shields are meant to protect the bearing from dust and stuff like that, I’ll usually keep them on but I’ve never had any problems with the bearings that I keep deshielded.

I leave the shield on until it needs to be cleaned then leave them off. I’ve been told you can damage ithe shield without being aware of it. Whether that’s true or not once the shield is off I can use canned air to get rid off dust/dirt. It works most of the time for cleaning.

Just leave them off. I used to spend lots of time taking them off, cleaning and putting them back on. It really is a waste of time. Your bearings will be just fine without them.

depends on the yoyo for me. Some of the yoyo’s i own need to have the shields on for some odd reason

If it’s dif kk, on.
If anything else with value or the one that comes with certain rare yoyo, on.
If I bought it new and it has shield, on, probably.
If no shield when new, or got the bearing from second hand yoyos, off.

Off. Less hassle when cleaning and lubing + it looks better with the shields off

When I take the shields off they go straight in the trash

Am I doing this wrong? I’m trying to take mine off with a bunch of pins but the c clip won’t budge

Put your pin at the tip of the C clip and push against it, make sure your finger isn’t holding the bearing where the C clip pops out, blocking the C clip from budging out. I’ve gotten pretty pro at it now, takes a couple of seconds to pop it out.

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Haha~! Thank you very much for your advice! I got one side out. Now the other :slight_smile:

A straight pin has a surprisingly blunt tip even though it doesn’t look like it. I find pins to be an exercise in frustration. A proper steel sewing needle works so much better!

Off, I’m too lazy to put them back on after I clean them.


I’m obviously new to this community, however I’ve been reading forums and watching the BST’s for stuff.

This morning I decided to grab my Sage yoyo with a standard YYF flat bearing and Red RTV Gasket maker response pads (save dat money!). Now I’ve been using this throw for the past week or so and I haven’t had a single issue(except for my sloppy landings due to be spoiled by a delta cut terrapin bearing.) Within a few days my string hits have been getting way more accurate (Hooray) and I felt more confident with my new flat bearing.

(4-5 days later).
I woke this morning and decided to do some early morning throws. Fixed my string tension (fresh string as well) as needed. My bearing started to get a bit nosier than usual. It sounded as if something was grinding randomly inside. Then I decided to start trying to learn Kwijibo. Now for the first 10-15 mins my throws and string tension were fine (again adjusting as needed). After those times my Sage started to snap back (binded) in Mid air (before you do the first cross of Kwijibo). Nearly hit my face, so I tried again. And again…needless to say nothing but binds after binds after snapping back to my hand so I decided to try loosen the string more than normal…No JOY! I was absolutely getting extremely desperate so I decided to Lube my bearing…IDK I thought it would help…Course it won’t lube helps responsiveness. I was excited as I remember I read this somewhere! That’s right TIME to clean that bearing!!!

First time ever cleaning a bearing…not knowing what to expect even though I’ve goggled on how to and what not. I could not find a proper guide video or tutorial to get these shields off.

After, trying to find numerous videos and guides on google to take off the shields for the bearing I failed miserably. So, I decided to take a chance anyone does when extremely desperate.For those that do not know there are several things you need to be aware of. Taking of the shields takes massive amounts of patience if you haven’t a clue like I did. Looking at the bearing I thought the shield was one piece that you had to slightly pry out. WRONG!!! On the outer rim there’s a small skinny piece of metal I believe people refer as the “C-Clip” (because it’s int he shape of the letter C). Now, because I am still not sure how to properly get this C Clip out I would suggest you use a needle, sewing pin or more preferably a safety pin and feel around the outter rim adn see if u can press the thin piece of middle that sits at the outter most part of inside the bearing (it helps if u look at the bearing at eye level and lift it to your eye; kind of like if you were to pause street fighter 2 and get close to the tv to try look up Chung Li’s skirt). Same concept you’re trying to look up the skirt of the bearing (again on the outer rim only). Push the Clip towards the outside of the bearing and do it gently DO NOT PRY if you do pry do with caution. Eventually after monkeying around you’ll see it popout then u pretty much turn the bearing upside down and with small force the shield will come out. Do the same for the other side and wah lah.

Now, What NEVER TO DO! Do not to to wrap the needle behind the clip and pry it out and do not stick it in straight (not what she said). LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT DO NO EVER TOUCH or pry on the inner ring…you’ll end up like me discovering how cheaply these YYF flat bearings are made. a piece of tin or aluminum in the shape to hold the 8 ball bearings spaced perfectly. I am now left with peices of metal and 8 balls of stainless steel. I wish I didn’t have to but there goes 10 dollars down the drain. Be careful people do not stress how fragile this stuff is.

  1. Take your time.
  2. Take your time.
  3. take your time.
  4. Don’t pry…and Don’t touch that inner ring.

I hope in the future someone finds this and it helps them do what I didn’t do (Successfully take off their shields safely without destroying their bearing.)

After, trying to find numerous videos and guides on google to take off the shields for the bearing I failed miserably. So, I decided to take a chance anyone does when extremely desperate.