To shield, or not to shield, that is the question

Very recently I started leaving them off, previously I always thought “well they must be on for a reason” but since keeping them off I have noticed zero difference.


I always put my shields back on - habit from my skateboarding days - but this guy know what he’s talking about. A sharp sewing needle to the slanted edge of the C-clip and the shield should come off without a problem. Putting them back in is as easy as laying the shield down, pinching the C-clip, inserting the open edge of the C-clip under the edge of the bearing first, and then pressing the remainder of the clip down. Snaps on and off very easily. I do have a ton of experience cleaning bearings though. :wink:


I have only had 1 bearing give me trouble while de-shielding. I use to put the shields back on (it is simple enough to do), but lately, I’ve been throwing them away after removing them.

@WretchedRapture I too use to do regular bearing maintenance on my boards. EzPeezy


Agreed. No difference noticed. My thought is the design of yoyos is such that they make a shield for bearing in the throw. Unlike a skateboard wheel/axel set up which leaves them relatively open to the elements. I use to skate a lot as well. I put every sheild back on my skate bearings.

When I take shields off they immediately go in the trash.


I pay extra to have the shields removed for my orders. Weird I know.


The shields add way too much center weight. I find that my yo-yos play a lot better without them.


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

how about glueing the c-clips to the rims?




If I feel like the bearing needs to be cleaned really well, I take them off and throw the shields away. Otherwise I really dont think about it much.

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That statement seals the deal, Im ordering a couple Bosses, as long as they’re some online


Ahgooooood morning! Also, not weird at all. I see that as going that extra mile as it were to cater to your customers’ preferences. @G2_Jake, you’re doing great things man, we all see the love for the craft and care that ends up in your throws… Which I wouldnt know anything at all about personally, I think an ex cursed me to be gay but the entity read it G2, so thats why I miss every drop. But I’ve never heard anything but positive stuff, and soon as I find that hoodoo root doll I know she got under my porch, oh Imma be all up in them… Drops! #Dadlife #Colorwat #BossBearings

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