FHZ help please?


So I got a double silicone recess FHZ and I had the gold bearing (out side thing) flipped the wrong way and screwed it in that way. Theres nothing you can see at all but its not as smooth anymore. I have another FHZ that I got stock. I took out the sticker and mixed halfes. Its a little weird but it works. The stock one still has the lined ring for the sticker and the other doesn’t. I have a cleaned bearing aswell but looking to buy a terrapin x A size one once I get this yoyo good. I really want high walls and weight rings. No vibe of course. basically anything to make it sleep the longest. Do you guys have any suggestions of anyone that could do this for me? Maybe a Shmoove ring aswell? I saw the sticky for good modders but I didn’t see anyone that could do all of that. Thanks!!


I’ll send you one.
PM the mailing info…


Bearing sent…