Whats you Favorite trick from every section?

(_|@<06) #1

So whats your favorite trick from every section on YYE?

Beginner: Pop the Clutch
Intermediate: Mach 5
Advanced 1: McBride Rollercoaster
Advanced 2: Cold Fusion
Expert 1: Gyroscopic Flop
Expert 2: Kamikaze
Master: White Buddha

Others: Red Clover, Plan D, Tower to Ping Pong

(Shisaki) #2

Beginner: Eiffel tower
Intermediate: Mach 5
Advanced 1: Eli hops
Advanced 2: Thumb grind
Expert 1: Suicide
Expert 2: Kamikaze
Master: And whut

(Mitch) #3

Intermediate-Brain twister
Advanced1-Eli Hops
expert1-Gyro Flop
Master-Havent learned it yet but Yuuki Slack is awesome


intermediate-MACH 5
Advanced 1-BOING-E-BOING
Advanced 2-Thumb Grind
Expert 1- Gyroscopic Flop
Expert 2-Hook
Master-havent learned any besides the mounts


Beginner-Breakaway and Sleeper are really close, but I do more sidestyle tricks, so I like Breakaway
Intermidiate-Binds by far
Advanced Part 1-kwijibo
Advanced Part 2-Grinding
Expert part 1-Hhhmmm…Spirit Bomb or Gyro Flop
Expert Part 2-Kamikaze
Master- Ladder Escape, wow, I learned it this morning.
Past master- Plan D or 1.5 Laceration.


Beginner: Sleeper (use it the most :slight_smile:
Intermediate: Mach 5
Advanced Pt 1: Eli Hops
Advanced Pt 2: Dr. Strange
Expert Pt 1: Gyroscopic Flop
Expert Pt 2: i dunno
Master: havn’t learned any yet


Beginner - Breakaway
Intermediate - Atomic Bomb
Advanced part 1 - Plastic Whip
Part 2 - Shockwave
Expert part 1 - Gyroscopic Flops
Part 2 - Over Whip Wrist mount
Master - Ladder Escape
Beyond Master - Flowsion Pulse (The last trick in my video). Rusted Ladder (Second trick in my video) and Short Round.

I really don’t know why Plan D is a Past Master trick. It should be Expert. My friend who can’t do Buddha’s Revenge can do Plan D.


Beginner: Sleeper/Breakaway
Intermediate: Trapeze
Advanced 1: Rewind
Advanced 2: Hm. I don’t know enough tricks in this section…Laceration.
Expert 1: Wrist Mount (It’s the only one I can really do consistently. :P)
Expert 2: Trapeze Triangle Slack
Master: I don’t know any of them…

I don’t know enough tricks on here. ::slight_smile:


Beginner ----- around the world (actually i like world tour)
Intermediate - Mach 5
Advanced 1 – Kwijibo (I loce so many tricks in this section)
Advanced 2 – Laceration
Expert 1 ------ Gyroscopic flop
Expert 2 ------ uhhhh
Master -------- can’t do any of 'em. but i want to learn superman

(jared) #10

beginer-- around the world
avanced part 1-boing boing
abdvanced part 2- pop n fresh
expert 1- gyro flop
expert 2-seasick
master-lader escape


Advanced—Eli Hops
Adv.2—Wrist Whip
Master—Double Iron Whip

Looping—Inside Outside loops.

(SR) #12

Begginer: Pop the Clutch
Intermediate: Mach 5
Advanced 1: Matrix, Buddah’s Revenge

2A: Tangler
5A: 360


Beginner: Whatever I make up.
Intermediate: Whatever I make up.
Advanced Part 1: Whatever I make up.
Advanced Part 2: Whatever I make up.
Expert: Whatever I make up.
Expert Part 2: Whatever I make up.
Master: Whatever I make up.

And… everything else is… you guessed it! Whatever I make up!


Begginer: Around the world
Intermediate: Atobic bomb
Advanced 1: Boomerang, Eli hops (I can’t choose. :wink: )
Advanced 2: Wrist whip
Expert 2: Wrist mount
Expert 2: Hook
Master: Yuuki slack
5a: Bee sting

(JonasK) #15

Beginner: Gravity Pull
Intermediate: Split the atom
Advanced 1: Boomerang/Kwijibo
Advanced 2: Iron whip
Expert 1: Revolutions
Expert 2: Kamikaze
Master: Hourglass

Looping basics: Inside outside loops
Offstring: Barrel rolls
5a: Bee sting
Maintenance: YoYo String