Whats with all the turning points?

I was looking at the new release section and I saw that there were quite a few turning points there all back to back. Were some of these restocks or what?

I believe they were all new. Some were newer versions of their Basalisk. I think that most of the time these come in waves because they are produced elsewhere and may have just shipped in mass. It has been my understanding that the Positron 2 was available in other countries before it reached YYE.

I was real lucky. Turning Point did a special run of Positron 2 for the club I go to.
Every one was asked to pick NYC colors . We voted and my colors won:) They’re 6 in total 3 bead blasted , and 3 non bead blasted .

This is my New York Yoyo Club Positron2 (1of3)

Thank you Kentaro Kimura , and Jon Lee . I love mine :slight_smile: