Auldey x Turning Point Positron

There just is nt enough hype on this one
tp y u so yyf

These look really nice! I like that teal color :o

Well, the USA scene and the Asian scene aren’t all that integrated, the only time we seem to hear about new releases from some of these companies are on posts like this or the ‘YYR Appreciation Thread’. It’s a shame really, some great yoyos coming out from the east that we rarely hear about.

Looks awesome, I wish we knew more about Asian yoyos, they seem like seriously good stuff AFAIK

im really into those display stands lol


Cool to see Auldey collaborate with Turning Point like this. Hopefully it means more affordability for us?

should be under $50 internationally, or most likely $35 within China

That does look nice. Why do I have no money?

officially saving for the pink one. Someone who knows where to get one PM me please? ;D

Good luck finding one, no place I know sells Auldey.

That’s why I wanna know where Kadabrium is getting these pictures.

With Chaotic and Proton in the past, Cypher and Cyborg currently and too more designs coming I’m not sure what you are looking for in that comment but TP and YYF have and continue to work closely.

On the yoyo. It looks great with the light kit!