is auldey photon good? and where to buy a good yoyo in Riyadh saudi arabia?

i have an auldey photon spirit. it’s got hubstacks that cover the whole body but make it wobbly so i took them off and it is now stable. it spins for about a minute. i never threw a YYJ or YYF or Duncan yoyo so i don’t know what a “good” yoyo is. Has anyone used auldey photon? is it OK?

i live in saudi arabia and there are no YYJ or YYF or Dancan yoyos. thats why i have an Auldey. does anyone know where to buy a YYJ or YYF or Dancan yoyo in Riyadh, saudi arabia?

thanks! ;D

I have the Photon Spirit. It is vibey and hard for me to use, but loads of fun. The wrap-around stacks do create vibe but it’s still highly playable. It’s just a bit hard to wind up for me. I get 3 minute spins out of it. It’s not a favorite but I’m glad I have it and it’s a lot of fun.

As far as what’s local to you, not sure what I can recommend. I’m not from those parts of the world. Check toy stores is the best I can say. Also check sporting goods stores and hobby shops.

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