Help me find a certain type of yoyo I'm looking for?

I would like to get a yoyo that had full rimmed caps. The kind where you can hold the yoyo in your hand while the yoyo is still spinning and do hubstack style tricks. Here is a video of what I’m talking about

That yoyo is discontinued though. Does anyone know any mods, attachment, or stock yoyo that have rimmed caps? (I think auldey has one but I don’t like that companies quality of products)

The epic by madhouse has the full cap hubstacks. Have seen some good comments about them but haven’t played one myself.

The madhouse epic isn’t quite what I’m looking for. It has side stacks but it does not have the rim stacks. Watch the first first part of the video, notice how he is holding the rim? That’s kidna what I’m looking for

If i recall there is a yoyo called the photon spirit. that yyj yoyo never made it into production… I think

This website has a review of it.

I am not sure where you can get it though.


I’ve located them. PM me for details, but PLEASE state what you’re looking for as I have a few requests of this nature for various items “not sold here”.

I’m gonna order one tonight. Can’t resist!

I think I know just what you’re looking for: The Jazz-Yo Saturn. It has spinning rims. :slight_smile:

He has already found it.

Placing my order in a bit. 1 for me, one for the guy I throw with, and 2 for people in this thread. I don’t want to add in another. Don’t want to tie up too much cash since I won’t see these for a month.

Too bad about that Jazz-Yo not being available. I like the shape a lot better and it’s a true spinning rim, rather than what I’m seeing on the Photon Spirit, which is essentially a Z-stack concept flared around the rim. This drops the cost down enormously because there’s a LOT fewer parts, which also means a lot less to maintain and a lot less to go wrong. But such concepts could lead to lots of vibe.

For the price I am seeing it at, I can take the risk.

I think Jazz-Yo isn’t planning to bring this back.