what are some yoyos with spinning side caps?

I want to get a yoyo with spinning side caps. The only yoyo i know that has this feature is the Madhouse EPIC. that yoyo is kinda out of my price range. Does anyone know any other yoyos with spinning side caps? Now, the G5 has z-stacks but those arnt the same right?

I haven’t seen a G5 up close yet, and I’ve also never seen the Madhouse Epic.

The concepts seem similar, but the implementation seems different. It seems that the G5 uses a wider hubstack type idea(Z-stacks as I think you called it), while the Epic is going for a design where the entire cap can spin and thus preventing the string from being able to get caught on it. With the entire cap spinning, you get a larger catch area, but I would also thing as a result a larger chance for a sloppy catch and then the yoyo getting a bit unstable.

I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before we get “spinner” caps just like spinner hubcaps for cars. Might be an interesting upgrade option on certain yoyos.

Do not make this a reason you are getting a $100 throw. I did, well I also needed a non responsive throw, but once I got it I played with the stacks for about half an hour and then took them off and don’t even know where they are. I mean it’s your money not mine, but thats just my view on this…

hub stack play and spinning side caps are “basicaly” the same. They just look different. If you want something like that then get a PGM (plastic grind machine) for cheap. If you realize that you really like it then look for any YYF yoyo with them.

I already have a PGM but im not very good at catching those tiny hubstacks so thats why im looking at the zstacks and the side spinning caps. And im not going to make stacks the reason to buy a 100$ throw. Thats why i made this thread wondering if theres any cheaper yoyos that have a full side spinning cap.
Thanks for the replies guys.

I guess you could put Z-stacks on a PGM. Hmm, maybe I should do that to mine… I’m only buying the PGM to have a hubstacked yoyo for demonstration and for display. For the price, that’s not a bad upgrade. More stuff to think about for me.

I tried this ^ and it was better than expected. A little bit tight ( Had to sand down stuff), added a bit of vibe (Most stacked throws already have this), but quite fun.

I like my G5 with Z Stacks, Hub stacks and Rice Stacks. You might have and easier time catching rice stacks or you can find a place that sells The Photon Spirit By Auldey. There are 2 types, one Plastic and one Metal with Side caps that spin, I’ve never tried it but I’ve seen videos. It looks cool, you can hold in your hand and it will keep spinning, you can Find out about it here, there are all different websites that sell it, Google it and you’ll find it.

Aoda flying shuttle, comes with Z caps too

I’d say go with a g5. Great throw, super stable, super fun. It’s my second mostplayed throw after my 54. second

Duncan Momentum.

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