Hubstacks v. Side caps v. Z-stacks

Cutting to the chase, which play better.

Representing hub stacks would probably the Superstar.

Representing side caps would be the EPIC

and Representing Z-Stacks would be the G5

Now my opinion is, when you get to that price range of Yo-Yos, the performance is the same. But the feel, speed, and style is different. More or less being said, once in the $80-$130 range, there are no true “better” Yo-Yos.

Here are the questions:

  1. Is there any vibe or wobble on any of these Yo-Yos stock, and non-faulty?

  2. What are the disadvantages to Hubstacks, Side Caps, and Z-Stacks respectively?
    (Please talk about the Individual shortcomings of each type, not as a generalization.)

  3. Which are easier to catch?

Please only reply to this thread if you have used one of the above mentioned Yo-Yos. Or compare them to no-stacked yoyos.

Just as a note, could someone make a review on the Mad House “EPIC”? I’ve been wondering how it plays.

im gonna make a review for my EPIC soon. i just want to play it for over a month before reviewing it.

i’ll tell you about the EPIC… when you first throw it, there is a wee bit of vibe, but that is just the side caps matching the speed of the actual YoYo. It takes a between 2-5 seconds for the caps to catch up, and it is noisy for those couple seconds… but man… after that, it is a thing of beauty, spinning perfectly, vibeless.

also the EPIC is built to grind, the finish is unbelievable and is a beast at grinding… and that brings me to the ONLY con i can think of. you can’t thumb grind, other than that, and the noise at the start of the throw, this is the first throw i grab.

one other thing about it is that you can grab the caps as hard as you want to, it wont slow the yoyo down, ive heard that other side caps will slow down. it also comes down to Aluminum VS Plastic… and to me, the metal wins everytime. ;D

i have a PGM2, it’s impossible to actually catch for most people, and i’m one of them. good for pull starts.


Hubstacks are almost impossible to catch. I don’t find too much vibe with stacks but I just don’t like them.
Side Caps: Saskabilly_Psychosis said it all.
Z-Stacks: I’ve heard of them being vibey.

They don’t affect play too much. But for thumb grinds, it can be a bit more annoying.

Anyways, I prefer side caps.

So then what is the point of hubstacks if they are difficult to catch?

Mostly you just grab them from a mount. Some people are able to catch them.

I use them for pull starts

i use em for car play :smiley: