Note: What you are about to watch should not be taken seriously in any way. However, if you do, I hope you make some awesome tricks from it.

  • Ryan



I had this exact same idea, only using reverse lateral caps. I never tried it, though, because I never got a compatible yoyo. Very cool though.


Cool. I used Yoyofactory Z-Stacks for this video.

I’m still having trouble comprehending this… Was that a Bad Rep?

Yes that is a RecRev BadRep. Essentially, I just put one Z-Stack on the bottom side so it can spin freely on the ground, and the other side has a simple hubstack.

I like! :smiley:

That’s awesome! Although, can’t you just rip start on the ground instead of doing the strange hubstack pinch? And, why the spinning yoyo? It seems a lot easier to do with a dead one. And since the yoyo is always flat on the ground, you can’t really get knots, can you? The string won’t slide under it… So if this was ever made into a competition, it would be mainly speed based. I think. Although for it to be made into a competition division, you need an original trick that applies to only this style. Anyway, that’s awesome. Creativity oozes from your pores.

Edit: you can get knots. I just noticed the Green Triangle in your video.

You could do a hubstack pull from the ground, it’s just that it’s prone to more scratches, because the Z Stack is very close to the edge of the yoyo. However, you’re right! :slight_smile:

As for the yoyo spinning, I would think that would be trivial to do tricks with a dead yoyo, but I don’t know. I guess you could do it without it spinning. Although…that seems less fun.


Dude, I am impressed. I would never have thought of that. Up until the GT, I didn’t realize it was spinning :smiley: (I, no joke, thought you were using sorcery or something to get it to return to your hand; then I saw the hubstacks :D). That’s awesome!

Hilariously awesome