Need help choosing a new z-stack yoyo

I recently got an Auldey Flame Soul and fell in love with spinning side caps. Now I am looking for a new yoyo that has more traditional z/t/whatever stacks. My priorities are a large catch zone (without coveringr the rims) and stability. As quiet as possible is also ideal since my wife is really sensitive to sound.

Some things I’m considering:

  • Madhouse EPIC - the TA-Ta system looks awesome, but the price is intimidating. I’d prefer $50, but if this is truly the best of the best for hubstacks I have to consider it…
  • Auldey orbis (or other metal compatible yoyo) with the large hubstack center unit accessory - looks promising but I can’t tell what size bearing sits in the hubstack, or if it’s easy to remove/replace
  • YoYoEmpire Tsunami - saw a video of this being ripcord started but can’t tell if it actually has 3 bearings, or just 1 and smooth fingerspin cups

I would love to find something with C bearings on the side caps so I could fill it with smooth, quiet 10-ball bearings. But the only yoyos I’ve found like this are the ninedragons and those with V5 catch units. I have a finhop Jet Fire and definitely do not like interior catch zones.

Anyway, I’d be grateful if anyone has advice on these yoyos or knows of size-C side caps.

Magic yoyo n9 floating cloud. You could put standard c size bearings and a hubstack kit on it or keep the stock stacks. I have never heard of the others you mentioned, but I do own the n9.

N9 does NOT fit c size and the Hubstacks are oversized. False. The stock stacks will need to be lubed; it is LOUD.

Actually, while the n9s hubstacks bearing outer diameter is not the same size, the posts DO fit size c bearings, I have made them out of two size c bearings, a Lego tire, and a square Lego box. If Noreasontacos wanted to put dice stacks or some other hubstack kit at yoyoexpert, it would fit.