Magicyoyo N9 hubstacks

 I recently bought a magicyoyo N9, but had to remove the hubstacks it came with due to the fact that they added too much weight. Now it plays great, but I miss the function of the hubstacks. I was wondering, would the regular (not z-stack) yoyofactory hubstacks fit on this yoyo? If you have a suggestion, I would greatly appreciate a response. Thanks.


No. Magic Uses a different sized bearing for their hubstacks, where-as YYF and Duncan both use Size A bearings for their hubstack bearings.

The dimensions for the Magic hubstack bearings is:

A-sized bearings are: 5X10X4

I like the weight of the N9 with the stacks. You might see about ordering the smaller stacks or ordering a T9 or T10 with the smaller stacks. I know the T9 and T10 ship in versions that are either the full stacks(Z-type) or the regular hub stacks.

I hope this completely addresses your question.

Alternately, I’m thinking maybe you can remove the Magic stack bearing. Since the inner dimension is 5mm for both bearings, maybe you can swap it out for a regular A-sized bearing. If that works, then there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t use YYF stacks. I’d try this myself but I’m not feeling motivated to yank the stacks off my N9, T9 or T10 and try this for myself.


Thanks for your reply. I appreciate that every time someone has a question you reply quickly.


You’re welcome. Always happy to help when I can.