Auldey Firefox YoYo

A review of Auldey Firefox By Me!

Some of you guys are starting to haer the name Auldey pop up around the forums in recent times. This is the least I can do to help the company become know to countries other than China. Thanks to Kristiawan, if it wasn’t him, I won’t be sitting here at my keyboards writing this review. My writing skills aren’t as good as his so bear with me.

Schools in China are hard on their students, tons of homework to do, but I still pull out 2 hours of practice time every day.
One Friday, I was amazing the kids on the corner of the block with some simple tricks. It wasn’t long before the few strings I had were wasted. So I went to buy a new pack at this toy store near my place. When I got there, there were like two kids staring at a red plastic box. I first thought it was a racecar or something but it turned out to be a yoyo. I’m addicted to buying new yoyos and trying out new ones, so I made a deal with my mom, if I could pass my freakishly hard exams she would buy me the yoyo. So I did and she bought me the thing. Thanks mom!

At first glance is wow! Auldey really cares about packaging. Translucent red packaging. Nice, but VERY BULKY, even more space consuming than L4’s. It was pretty challenging to take apart…
Ok never mind that but the yoyo came with a stirng, a pamplet on usage details, another one on other Auldey products. All In Chinese guys.

Response:Auldey Silicon O-rings

The Firefox I got was red, although other colors came out.
The shape of the yoyo is the rather traditional “concave” shape of the 888, 44, etc. However, the edges of this yoyo is extremely angular. It goes for a graceful curve to a clean staight cut, no gradualization what so ever. On the gap are some tiny grooves, cut so finely that under some lighting conditions the yoyo looks as if it were bead blasted even though it has a glossy finish. The desigh on the sides of the yoyo just looks plane awesome. When I took it apart, I was amazed to find grooves cut beside the response of the yoyo, I guess these are there to reduce the weight of the yoyo.

The feel of the yoyo in one’s hand is really hard to describe. The “classic” shape sugests it to be quite confortable but the shape edges poking in your hands really leaves you without words. Good thing the yoyo is slightly undersized fitting pretty well in the hand.

The first throw was nice. Unlike the other stock bearings in my other Auldey yoyos, the bearing that came with the Firefox wasn’t crap. It actually spins! The yoyo spins very smoothly. Unfortunately, due to it’s semi high wall and its light weight, I have to admit it isn’t as stable as my L4. At the other end of the string, the yoyo feels incredibly light. What can this mean? Speed! I did some of my limited speedy tricks on it and it handled better than anything I’ve ever tried. So smooth even in the most extreme of situations. Even with my sucky throws, the vibe I get at first calms down a fraction of a second. The yoyo does have a lip inside its side so thumb grinds are possible, unlike the L4. The results of the arm ginds, palm grinds and finger grinds are a bit puzzling…the grooves cut on grinding area are desighed to minimize friction caused by grinding but the glossy finish really doesn’t help much…
The horizontal plays are awesome. Many people say noooooooo, its wall is too high and it’s not stable enough but I would place Fire fox in the league of the L4 when it comes to horizontal play. Very speedy.
Now the last and final question is, how is the response? Kristiawan might disagree with me but I would still say, great at first, not so great after a few weeks of play. The binds they make get slopplier over, time.

I just wanted to comment on this subject. The grooves cut on the yoyo makes the yoyo VERY EASY to scratch. Just by putting it in a holster would scar up its grooves. Don’t even mention dropping it onto a hard floor.

Final Thoughts
Firefox has great play, but it lacks the aim for 100% perfection that most Auldey products lack. If you are a careful person or planning to have multiple ones, Firefox would be perfect.

The pics are in the attachments.

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great review.
thanks for letting me be your inspiration, and your writing skills is great i think.
very enjoyable review.

and yeah, i still disagree about the response ;D . not a big of a deal right.
what i agree is about horizontal plat and speed.
and i think the grove after he response is called schmoove ring, they are to decrease friction between string and the yoyo body.

I got a review for this yoyo also, it’s almost done, I hope you don’ mind if i posted. :wink:

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No problem, thanks for the info on the grooves, I always thought they were there to reduce weight.

Nice review. I was gonna review the Firefox; guess you got there before me. When you asked me how I got the Aquarius, that was when I visited China. I’m actually Chinese!

Nice man, I always knew there were lots of Chinese ppl in Canada. I believe I know why u think the Ice Aq is fast, cause the Dark Magic is even slower.

Do u know that Auldey released a titanium alloy yoyo name Photon Spirit S or something like that (My own translation…). Really expensive, couldn’t even get my eyes on one. :-[

you seen that titanium yoyo? how much they cost in USD?

that looks really nice does anybody know where i can get one in the U.S.A.

I’m coming back to China this summer; might get my hands on one ;D

I’m planning to do some online Auldey retails soon, anyone interested please email me at: