Auldey Cold Ice/Ice Cold (Original Design)

[b]This is my first review, so yea :-[/b]

I’ve been eyeing these chinese brands for a while and when I saw this yoyo on Ebay, it comepletely caught my eye and made me want to buy this immediately. So here I am.

When I got my package, it didn’t come in a box. It came heavily wrapped in bubble wrap with A BUNCH of goodies. I got tons of string, 2 gloves, an extra bearing, and some lube. (The lube is brown so I don’t think I’ll be using it anytime soon) When I look and felt the yoyo, it was absolutely stunning. It looks so crisp and clean, especially with the silver ring on the wing. But then the bad, on the rim there was already flat spots. I was disappointed with it but then I realized that’s probably they gave me so much goodies or it got hit during shipping. It’s okay, it’s really cheap for the price anyways.

Now you are probably thinking it play terribly because it’s from Auldey. You couldn’t be anymore wrong. This yoyo plays so quiet, SMOOTH, AND FLOATY, it even handles horizontal play well. The shape just feels so organic in my hands, I just love this thing. The bearings even though they are concave, are completely hit or miss for me, because the bearing in the yoyo is so smooth and quiet, while the extra I got is so loud and vibey. (Yes I said vibey, it made my 888 vibe) Now for the hubstacks, they are phenomenal, but the only downside is the noise. It sounds like an alarm during a fire drill. For grinding, it doesn’t last very long but it is smooth, I think it’s because it isn’t anno-ed in a special way, just paint. All in all, I completely feel this is like a perfect yoyo to me, because I don’t use hubstacks or grind very much and love the floatyness (maybe it’s a word) of the yoyo.

I overall think people should stop underrating these chinese brands, I know they produced to bootleg yoyos in the past but now they come out with these amazing orginal designs at such a low price. I personally think this yoyo is great and a steal for $22.

is that hubstacks on it?