Hicoo/ Auldey Virus Review

I recently received a Hicoo/Auldey Virus yoyo for Christmas. ;D I had read many reviews about it beforehand and had rather high expectations.


The price was moderate. Only about $40. What made it a little expensive was the shipping. I think the price was reasonable.

Out of the Box…and then the bag:

Wow. What a beautiful finish. Very smooth, no flaws. I really love the flowers and the name of the yoyo being painted on the outside of the rim. The two colors really compliment each other. The gray is just subtle enough to make the clear red really POP!


This yoyo binds tightly. So far I haven’t had a loose bind. Even though it is about 65 grams, the yoyo kinda floats when playing. It is very smooth. It doesn’t thunk at the end of the string after being thrown which is very nice. It is very easy to land string tricks. Slack tricks are a little harder, probably because the bearing needs to be broken in. (I put a KonKave into it) After a few hours of play, the bearing is broken in and the yoyo is unresponsive and slack tricks are a lot of fun. Grinds are kind of tricky. The inner rim is shaped a bit differently so thumb grinds are harder to hold. That’s okay though…I’m not very good at grinding.


I am very satisfied with this yoyo. It has exceeded my expectations, and is my favorite throw. Definatly worth the wait :wink:

i love mine too
its a great yoyo, and my favorite looking yoyo to date
also play great as well

i love this yoyo it was my first metal